Noatikl 2 – desktop generative music software

May 16, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Intermorphic has introduced Noatikl 2, the latest version of their desktop generative music software for Mac & Windows.

It’s currently available, in beta stage. Here’s what’s new…..

Noatikl 2 Features:

  • Integrated Partikl multi-synth & modular synth/fx network
    • Built-in support for the the advanced Partikl MIDI, sound & FX multi-synth for sound generation as previously featured in Mixtikl
    • Full MIDI output support still retained; Partikl output is optional (but enabled by default)
    • Partikl? checkbox in transport panel makes it a snap to enable/disable Partikl output
    • Makes it easy for new Noatikl users to get going without any preparation of hooking-up to separate synthesizers; Noatikl makes sounds right out of the box!
    • MIDI output from Noatikl is now optional – no need to configure Noatikl with MIDI devices!
    • Plug-ins: Noatikl generates both optional Partikl audio data (new!) and MIDI data (1.x)
    • The complete set of synth/effects presets as featured in Mixtikl
    • Supports built-in custom sample wavetable (DLS1/Ogg/Wav based) (dialogs not available Mixtikl)
    • By default, now saves to .partikl format, which includes all noatikl rule data and associated partikl sound data
  • New main Noatikl Network editor view
    • Shows both Noatikl Voice networks and Partikl Synth/Effects network
    • Drag Voice to MIDI Channel (or vice-versa) for easy MIDI channel mapping
    • Drag Voice to Voice for easy Follow/Repeat voice networks
    • Tap synth/effects boxes to pop-up built-in Partikl FX/Synth network/unit and sample editors
    • Supports built-in custom sample wavetable (DLS1/Ogg/Wav based)
    • Improved transport panel
  • Templates from Mixtikl now built-in
    • BellsMetalsArps
    • Dronemaker1
    • Gen Drums 1 MIDI (previously sold as an add-on for Noatikl at $6.99)
    • Gen Drums 1 Owt
    • Gen Drums 2 MIDI (previously sold as an add-on for Noatikl at $6.99)
    • Gen Drums 2 Owt
    • Gen Elements 1 MIDI (previously sold as an add-on for Noatikl at $6.99)
    • Gen Elements 1 Synth
    • GenMix1
    • GenMix2
    • GenMix3
    • GenMix4
    • GenMix5
    • GenMix6
    • GenMix7
    • Noatikl Seed
    • LoopBeats 1
    • LoopBeats 2
    • ZZZ_rests
  • Built-in support for playing partikl:// and noatikl:// URLs
    • Share your Noatikl compositions via Twitter!
    • Export your Noatikl compositions as “mixtikls” so Mixtikl / Mixtikl Free users can hear them!
  • New Menu options:
    • Export -> Export With Partikl Sounds
    • Export -> Export as Mixtikl Mix (share your Noatikl compositions with Mixtikl users – even those with Mixtikl Free!)
    • Export -> Export Noatikl Rules
    • Export -> Save As Noatikl Rules
    • Tools -> Show Folders -> Noatikl MIDI Recordings
    • Tools -> Show Folders -> ~/Library/Noatikl (Mac only!)
    • Tools -> Show Folders -> Noatikl data folder
    • Tools -> Show Folders -> Partikl TG
    • Tools -> Show Folders -> Partikl FX
    • Options -> Devices -> Output
    • Options -> Devices -> Input
    • Help -> Other IM Creativity Tools -> Mixtikl / Liptikl
  • Minor changes
    • Replaced the Pattern Editor dialog “Default” button with a “Presets” button, matching all various options in Mixtikl’s drill-down Noatikl editor. This makes it *far* faster to get going with patterns.
    • Mac: by default use ~/Library/Noatikl, rather than ~/Documents/intermorphic/noatikl
    • Renamed various items in the Noatikl object/parameter group side-bar
    • If you try closing when a modified file is mid-edit, you’re prompted first to save or close the file.
    • Various bug fixes


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