Ocarina 2 for iPhone, Nose Flute Style [Over the Rainbow]

June 21, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Speaking of silly things for your smartphone in terms of music making, check this one out:

Download Ocarina 2 FREE: http://bit.ly/O2RainbowYT

GoddessLynz shows us how Ocarina can be played beautifully with your nose! Awesome expressivity of the nostrils!

Blow into your phone, play the notes, feel the magic as Ocarina 2 responds to your breath, touch and movement. Turn your phone into an ancient flute-like instrument with Ocarina 2, and play the songs you love. Ocarina 2 brings all the magic from the classic Ocarina – one of Apple’s All-Time Top 20 Apps – and more!

The sequel to the original, Ocarina 2 now includes a completely new song mode. Easily play and learn your favorite songs as scores light up to guide your fingers. You control the notes, speed and tempo, allowing your expressivity to shine.

“If everyone had the Ocarina app there would be no more wars” – David Pogue
“One of the most original entertainment programs to emerge from the App Store” – Wall Street Journal
“Ocarina is one of the most magical programs I’ve ever seen” – NY Times

From classical to pop, video game themes to traditional songs, there is something for everyone! New and free songs released weekly. Choose from songs including:

* Over the Rainbow – Harold Arlen
* The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly — Ennio Morricone
* Theme from Zelda — Koji Kondo
* Clair de Lune — Debussy
* You and Me — 2008 Olympics Theme
* Ave Maria — Bach / Gounod
* X-Files Theme — Mark Snow
* Mario Brothers Theme — Koji Kondo
* Apologize — One Republic
* Baby — Justin Bieber
* Bad Romance — Lady Gaga
* Clocks — Coldplay

And much, much more!

Want a song that’s not available? Suggest songs on Smule’s Facebook or Google+ page: www.facebook.com/smule and http://gplus.to/smule

Play your Ocarina in the new “whistle mode” (we find it particularly fun to play “X-Files” and “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”).

Make progress towards mastery and achievements such as:
“Iron-Lung” (25,000 breath points)
Breath points accumulate as you blow into your Ocarina
Or, attain status such as “Ocarina Jedi” by mastering 100 songs

Hear people playing around the world:
Listen in on Ocarina players all over the world by visiting the interactive Smule globe
Love & comment on your favorite performances
Share your favorite performances through Facebook or e-mail

Watch some great Ocarina performances on YouTube: www.youtube.com/smule.


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