BLIND PASSENGER official Videoclip Electrocop

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The German electronic project Blind Passenger have released a second single, “Electrocop”, and corresponding music video from the album “Next Flight to planet Earth”. The highly controversial clip, a mix of real movie and animation, dives deep into a world of violent cops, surveillance cameras and total control. A world that is maybe not that far from reality, judge for yourself…

A Graceful Clips Production

camera & cut: Fabian Uhlmann
script & direction: Nik Page / Jan Golz
cartoon animations: Eike Braselmann
main actors: Jens Lewerenz / Nik Page / Jamie Heinrich-Stewart
prod. assistence: Kristin Maaß / Ina Lichtenberg (Eldorado Promotion)

Electrocop is produced by: Torsten Heise / Clemens Hartung / Nik Page
Blind Passenger are: Clemens Hartung / Jamie Heinrich-Stewart / Nik Page

This song is dedicated to a man who bravely predicted a brave new world.
In retrospect his vision of a sad and bitter future for humanity may have been closer to the present world situation than anybody would have ever deemed possible. We take a bow to Aldous Huxley

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