Play Basic Unit Productions presents Haujobb | Perfection

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New material from Haujobb

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for those who have been waiting patiently for ant-zen act242 to appear, there is groundbreaking news – this summer, the wait has finally has come to an end. in collaboration with basic unit productions we present a very special limited vinyl 7 inch featuring two powerful songs guaranteed to make you move!

the title track ‘we must wait’ is truly a blast: haujobb’s catchy, essential body beats and hard synth sequences meet the unmistakable voice of belgian ebm legend jean-luc de myer (front 242) to form the definite master hit of the century. what you hear is what you get!

never stop, put the b-side straight on and be intoxicated by the ebm forced march of ‘the dancer’ featuring german lyrics sung by n.y. based artist and producer oliver chesler a.k.a. the horrorist. the message is strong, plain and clear: ich will tanzen – ich trage schwarz!

Available as 7″ Vinyl and Download: http://basicunitproductions.bandcamp….

Haujobb | We Must Wait (feat. Jean-Luc De Meyer)

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Available as 7″ Vinyl and Download:http://basicunitproductions.bandcamp….

Electronic music: HAUJOBB | Dead Market [official video]

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Haujobb is a German musical project whose output has ranged drastically within the electronic music spectrum, from electro-industrial to IDM and techno. They have become a staple crossover act, bringing several forms of electro into the mainstream industrial music world.

More info:

Haujobb was formed in 1993 by Daniel Myer, Dejan Samardzic, and Björn Junemann, pulling the name from the Blade Runner translation of “skin job”. They were soon signed to Off Beat, and began distributing their music in North America via Pendragon Records. 1995 saw the departure of band mate Björn, and the lineup has consisted of Daniel and Dejan ever since. After Metropolis Records acquired Pendragon, the two musicians have been able to spread their music to a larger fanbase in North America, and have remained continuously popular in the European industrial music scene.

Over course of their subsequent releases in the 1990s, they wove increasing amounts of drum’n’bass and IDM influence into their sound. 1999’s ‘NinetyNine’ was a sparse, downtempo collection of ambient electronic compositions. They have since reintroduced some of the more rhythmic elements back into their sound on their more recent albums, but have continued to experiment, drawing concepts from a wide variety of musical styles.

Director: Boris May | Director of photography: Dominik Kuhn

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