Transform your iPad into a touch screen controller for GarageBand

August 11, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

If you liked Delora gbTouch, wait until you get your hands on gbTouch 3. New from Harmony Systems, Inc., gbTouch 3 is a significant upgrade to the Delora gbTouch iPad music application, which turns an iPad into a touch screen controller for GarageBand.

With this release, the controller app offers a number of new features and benefits, including extra capabilities that allow you to know and control exactly where you’re at in your composition. The dynamically adjusting “LCD” display shows a user selectable choice of playhead location or project information, including song tempo, and playhead position and tempo can be changed easily to specific numeric values. On the Track Details screen, individual track volume and pan are now controlled with faders, and their values are displayed. According to the maker of gbTouch 3, graphics have been enhanced and the increased use of icons makes gbTouch more language independent.

You can use gbTouch in the studio, onstage, or anywhere really. In addition to supplementing the use of mouse and keyboard to control GarageBand, gbTouch 3 also serves as a control surface of sorts for GarageBand, making music creation more productive and efficient from anywhere in your studio or music environment. This flexibility is particularly useful in recording situations, Harmony Systems says. The individual track controls — record, mute, solo, and volume — and transport buttons on gbTouch allow you to adjust and evaluate tracks before heading into the mixing session.

What you can do with gbTouch 3:

  • Control transport functions (Backward, Forward, Beginning, Play, Record, Cycle)
  • Enable / disable record, mute, and solo for each track
  • Track names and numbers shown on each track
  • Tracks color coded for real and software instruments
  • Select current track with one touch
  • Access more than eight tracks with the arrow keys
  • Adjust volume of individual tracks, and overall with Master Volume
  • Adjust pan level for an individual track
  • View values for track volume and track pan
  • Disable all volume during playback with Volume Mute
  • Move the playhead quickly using jog channel strip
  • Designate Cycle start and end points
  • View LCD display, which dynamically shows playhead location — user selectable measure or time format — or project info (tempo, time signature)
  • Change tempo
  • Adjust the playhead to a specific bar-beat location
  • Adjust the playhead to a specific time based location
  • Turn off all track record, mute, and solo attributes
  • Show / hide the Arrange View or Master Track
  • Enable / disable Metronome and Count-In
  • Create a new track, duplicate, or delete a track
  • Undo or Redo an action
  • Save a GarageBand file
  • Adjust Master Echo and Reverb effects
  • Manipulate Compressor, Visual EQ, and software instruments’ sound Generator parameters
  • Enable / disable effects
  • Name of the currently selected track shown on the Track Edit screens
  • Set preferences for faders to “jump” on touch
  • Select one of three themes (four including GarageBand ’09) at any time to change the look of your app

GbTouch 3 requires the installation of gbLink 3.0, a Mac OS X application (Lion compatible) that provides the ability for gbTouch to communicate with GarageBand using a Wi-Fi network. GbLink is available as a free download at the Delora Web site.

Harmony Systems’ gbTouch 3 is now available for $9.99 from the App Store. Existing gbTouch users may upgrade to gbTouch 3 for free. For more information, visit

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