Vermona ER-9 — analog rhythm machine

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1976 made in GDR
Playing all the presets in a moderate tempo dry without FX.
The noisy beginning and end are due to the stormy wheather :-) the noise does not come from the machine!

The ER-9 was built by Vermona from East(!)-Germany aka DDR in the early 1980ies (or even late 1970ies?). It has 16 Rhythms which can be mixed by pressing multiple Switches and 9 Instruments: Bassdrum, Tom, Bongo, Claves, Cowbell, Snare, Cymbal, Highhat and Maracas. The first 6 Instruments are built with a double-T-Matrix, mostly around just ONE transistor. All voices are mixed into a 2-transistor-mixer. Extremely clean, simple and efficient.

Inside there are multiple cards which are stuck into simple sockets. Most cards are housing 2 or 3 voices. On top of the cards are trimpots for calibration. On most cards one is for calibrating the damping of the doubleT-Network-oscillation or simply spoken: decay for BD, Tom, Bongo, Clave or Cowbell, which has 3 Oscillators, most analog drumcomputers including 808 just have 2 for the cowbell. If you stumble upon a ER-9 and the owner sais “it just makes a constant tone when i plug it on” i guess it is just a decalibrated pot letting one voice selfoscillate.


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