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January 5, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Julien Bayle has released ultraGlitcher 1.0 – a new audio FX unit for for Ableton Live

Ableton Live effects available here: http://designthemedia.com/ultraglitcher


– 3 fx stages based on step sequencing
* frequency modulator modulating the input with a raw and gloomy carrier
* crusher crushing bit depth resolution + sample rate of the input
* dirty delay delaying and modulating the feedback on very uncanny manners

– independant step sequencers for audio-channels L/R
– global bypass switch
– global dry/wet
– master shaper envelope based with retriggering rate

The signal pass thru several internal modules, successively:
– frequency modulator
– crusher
– dirty delay

Each module are based on a step sequencer, except the step shaper.
Each module can have its own step number. At each step, a value is popped out to a dsp depending on the nature of the module.
You can tweak steps for both L/R channels and you can also link them, the L step sequencer becoming the one used for both channel modulation.
Each module contains a small step sequencer helper providing an eay way to create sequences increasing or decreasing, including a small cycle, on-the-fly

At last, each module contains a smoother providing a small interpolation between each step.

frequency modulator modulates the frequency of the signal by using a carrier. You change frequency from min to max and you can adjust the range corresponding to min & max. You also have a multiplier to make it sounding crazier.

crusher crushes the signal by degrading sample rate & bit depth. You can choose each value for each step for each audio channel. You also have a divider that provide a sample rate tweak for very low frequency with a better resolution.

dirty delay delays the signal. You can choose feedback amount for each step. You can also choose the delay time manually or sync with the transport. A Bizarre mode provides a very strange noise/sample-and-hold delay time movements that is interesting.

A global waveshaper can be enabled at the master output.
You choose a triggering rate and the envelope is applied to the incoming waveform just before to be popped out to the next device in the chain.


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