Alpha Seed (Melodic live Granular Sampling) = Octatrack + Strymon Big Sky + EPSI + Cocoquantus

June 16, 2014 · Posted in Uncategorized 

A Box In The Sea, captures a live granular sampling synth jam, Alpha Seed.

My concept in this piece was to use the Strymon big sky reverb to modulate and process all of the granular sampling I’m doing with the Octatrack.

I’m using 2 Midi tracks on the Octa to constantly modulate (using LFO’s and P-locks) 6 different parameters on the Big Sky (Midi CC’s on a reverb pedal of this standard is brilliant).

The sounds you hear are created with custom impulse responses I made (inspired byDiego Stocco) and reprocessing the same sound with itself (blowing my mind in the process).

The Cocoquantus is being modulated by a Sidrax. I’ve routed the Sidrax through an SSF Ground Control so I can apply DC bias and visualize it with a Dave Jones O’tool.


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