Analog Monsters Roland Juno-106 does ARP SOLINA String Synthesizer!

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Analog Monsters: Roland Juno-106 does
ARP SOLINA or ARP OMNI String Synthesizer!

Analog Monsters Roland Juno-106 Jupiter-8 style
Blue LEDs, Bender & Polymeter!
100% No Talking! Just pure Analog Bliss!

The Polymeter is synced to the voice board, just like a DSI synthesizer,
when a key is struck each voice lights up on the Polymeter panel!
VERY Trippy in a dark studio!!
Perfect for collectors and acid trippers!! LOL!

The Roland JUNO-106 does (In my opinion)
I tried to do my best making a ARP SOLINA,
ARP OMNI or ARP QUADRA string patch.
The chorus is no phaser , but I like it better on the
Roland Juno-106 dry with no chorus.

The video starts off dry with no chorus then I add chorus I & then II.
After that I show off some drone atmospheres & space EFX.
With & without the internal chorus.

This synthesizer has been modified by Allen at The Synth Spa
Full restoration, Voice Chips, Blue LED’s, Bender & Polymeter!
Custom Roland Jupiter-8 Color Style Buttons! Wood Sides!
100% Bad Ass!!!! Just priceless. No offers excepted.
This one stays in the studio forever!



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