Boomstar 4075 synthesizer demonstration – teaser

October 3, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075 – ARP Filter Sneak n’ Peak (Take 2)

Get the here: (for you listening pleasure only).

Greg St. Regis’ clever twists and turns launched the first 4075 Boomstar past “the surly bonds of earth,” via a cheap audio interface that happened to be around. More Boomstar filter type demos, live footage and markedly superior D/A Converters to follow.

Headphones mandatory. Production units are mere weeks away!


Greg St. Regis comments:

We’ve spent the last month debugging the prototype pcbs and perfecting the analog circuits. At this point, I felt it was good enough to give you all a sneak preview of the sound. It has about 90% of it’s hardware functional. Still to be implemented is the software LFO. This is raw BoomStar recorded though a Focusrite Scarlett interface (nothing special), into Reason with a Macbook Pro. We did this in about 20 minutes, one take. I played a small Akai controller with a built in arpeggiator with my left hand and turned knobs with my right. It’s “kinda cool.

It was originally about 11 minutes long; Marc did a small amount of normalizing and edited it down to 8 minutes 30 some seconds.

Put some decent headphones on and listen to huge low booms end and searingly crisp filter sweeps. I tried to take it though a full compliment of waveforms, xmod, rmod, oscillator sync, feedback looping, resonance squeals and overdrive. There is quite a bit more to come when the LFO gets in on the action.

The chassis are getting screened this week. We’ll post more demos in the days to come with video included. And no, this is not an SE1X or ATCX! They sound quite good, but there is nothing like the clarity and impact of pure discrete analog with hardware envelopes.


p.s. Expect to see these in the shops in about 30 days… we’re in love with this little beast.

Previous MSR comments:
“Four Boomstar hardware circuits: crossmod, ringmod, feedback, AND distortion are at play here at one time or another. The idea was to stretch out… and let things get greasy and messy.”

“The “feedback” feature (a la the Minimoog) is employed throughout this track so that distortion is an effect. If you are attempting to listen to this through your laptop speakers they will be overwhelmed quickly.”


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