Check out the new Synth Magic Polychrome

February 17, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

Quick demo of Synth Magics Polychrome instrument.
A synth based on the Farfisa Polychrome for Kontakt 4.2.4 and above including kontakt 5.
Available at

More interesting though is perhaps to read the comments to this video, and I must say I am tempted to agree:

Doesn’t sound like a Polychrome to me. What was used for reference? Seriously. Maybe one of the demo tracks features something a bit like the choir section. Osc sync – what? How about recreating the paraphonic envelope? Isolate each section for a demo. If it’s good, the sound itself will sell it alone – not polished tracks with other instruments. Where’s the chorus ensemble effect – the phaser – tremolo? All hallmarks. Couldn’t hear any attempt at that.

This video shows the Farfisa Polychrome played with a Roland DEP-5 FX processor for delay effects.

The Farfisa Polychrome from 1979 is one of the rarest Farfisa keyboards. It is a flexible string synthesizer / string ensemble with a very characterful, musical sound.

It has a PERCUSSIVE section, a STRING section, a ENSEMBLE section and a VOCAL CHORUS section. The most sections have VCF cutoff / resonance controls. It has a great phaser (with SPEED, EMPHASIS and TREMOLO controls), a noise generator, single outputs, an external input jack (for external signals, which can be treated with the Polychrome’s chorus and phaser) and a lot more… It even has aftertouch! And it’s fully polyphonic, too…


One Response to “Check out the new Synth Magic Polychrome”

  1. Hazel S on May 27th, 2012 6:32 pm

    I have this synth from Synth Magic and I also have a real Polychrome which I used to take out in live situations.
    Now I just take Synth Magics version and it saves me from having to lug the old girl to gigs.
    I would say it is about 90 percent there in terms of sounds(they did say it is based on a Polychrome)-All the great choirs and analog strings are there as are the percussive instruments.

    Synth Magic have replaced the Phaser with Kontakts Phaser and tremolo can be obtained by using the vast array of LFO’s supplied as extras.
    If you love Polychrome choirs and strings I highly recommend Synth Magics Polychrome-It sounds lush as anything.

    Best of all it makes new sounds thanks to all the extra gizmos they have added.
    Beautiful bit of kit.

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