Checking out the TRAX RetroWave MIDI-Controlled Analogue Synthesizer, Monophonic Synth

October 4, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

The TRAX RetroWave desktop monosynth was designed for musicians who want the warmth and raw power of classic analogue sound, created by a real analogue instrument, as opposed to a digital system or computer emulation. This compact unit is great for use in studios, with your home computer programs, in live performances, and for creating sound effects for film, TV and theatre.

In this video, you will hear just a small selection of the sounds the unit is capable of – many others are available, and some no doubt have yet to be discovered!

The opening title music was created by setting the filter to oscillation mode, and tuning it to play along with the VCO, effectively giving a two-note chord.

Features include:

True analogue oscillators, filter, sample and hold, noise generator, VCA and signal path
Log VCO with square, ramp, triangle and sine outputs, and PWM control of square wave
24dB/octave, 4-pole lowpass filter with oscillator function, log response
Two triangle and square Low Frequency Oscillators with waveshape controls
Built-in MIDI to CV unit, with 5V gate and velocity output, 1V/octave CV response
Built-in overdrive circuit for epic distortion effects
No menus, no software, just switch on and play
Supplied with 1/4″ patch and output jack leads


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