Closer look at Alchemy Mobile on iOS

June 23, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

“We’re back this episode with a look at Alchemy Mobile from Camel Audio – an impressive sounding synthesizer with a long pedigree on the desktop, now just updated for iOS. Gaz appears to have fallen in love with the wide range of sounds it can offer as a standalone App and the integration with the desktop version is impressive.”

Snapshot overview:

Turn your iPhone/iPad into a powerful synthesizer! Alchemy Mobile includes everything from evolving soundscapes and fat basses to lush pads and pulsing arpeggios, and is available for free from the iTunes App store. This is the iOS version of Camel Audio’s award-winning Mac/PC Alchemy synth – the leading sample manipulation synthesizer which can be heard on thousands of records and films by world-class artists.

Touch Remote for Alchemy on Mac/PC

With the Pro Upgrade (only $14.99 / €11.99 / £10.49), you can remotely control Alchemy or the free Alchemy Player on your desktop computer. This is the first iPhone App to offer a dedicated touch remote feature for a desktop synth! Easy one touch access to the remix pad and preset selection means you’ll spend more time getting inspired and less time reaching for your mouse. What’s more, with the Pro Upgrade you can download your Alchemy desktop presets and Sound Libraries onto your iPhone or iPad.

Pro Upgrade Features for iOS Only Musicians

The Pro Upgrade also has lots to offer for iOS only musicians. Load and save projects so you can recall your song sketches. Use Virtual MIDI to control Alchemy from other Apps such as SoundPrism Pro. Export WAV and MIDI files so you can load them up on your desktop. Pitchbend each note by sliding your finger left and right on the keyboard for unique sounds impossible with a conventional keyboard. Layer up as many synth parts as you like using Bounce. Automatically sync the tempo to your computer or other apps. There’s also an extra 75 sounds and 25 loops included, and lots more features.

Remix Pad

Discover an almost limitless palette of sounds using the unique remix pad to morph between sound variations. 16 controls including cutoff, resonance, ADSR and effects parameters are specially selected for each preset to make tweaking sounds to fit your music easier than ever. Move the remix pad using the new Tilt function to translate your physical hand movements into morphing sound changes, while Inertia lets these moves continue under their own steam while you carry on playing.

Easy Keyboard

The Alchemy Mobile interface was designed with ease of use in mind. The mini keyboard features scalable keys and one touch major and minor chords. You can also plug in an external Core MIDI keyboard.

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