Editing modes in REAKTOR’s Massive

July 11, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Part 2 of Bluewater VST’s Massive Essentials puts you in the driver’s seat with Edit Modes, the basis of total drum-computer domination…

Let’s dig in with Massive’s Control Section, starting with the Edit Modes at the left of the panel. The chooser offers four distinct ways of editing the sequencer and modulation patterns that make and sculpt Massive’s sound.

  1. Copy – Click and drag your cursor (from left to right) across the modulation/sequencer lane that contains the pattern you want to copy. Notice that the edit buffer top right will follow your mouse movements, recording all of the step/velocity data you cover.
  1. Paste – Enable Paste after you have copied your desired pattern to the edit buffer. Now click and drag your cursor across the destination lane (where you want to place the pattern).
  1. Remote – Use Remote mode when you want to use your computer or MIDI keyboard to copy and paste patterns (Remote mode activates separate copy and paste buttons to the right of the chooser). Hold down the key—[C] to copy and [V] to paste—while moving your cursor across the sequencer/modulation lane. If you are using a MIDI keyboard, key 52 enables the copy function and 53 enables the paste function.

Lock –When you want to make subtle changes to a particular step in a sequencer or modulation track, activating Lock will keep your cursor from straying into the lanes on either side. Because very small changes in step velocity often result in large changes to the resulting sound (especially if velocity is set to modulate sample pitch), this is a surprisingly useful feature.


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