HEXTEP Analog Style Live MIDI Step Sequencer – Introduction

August 3, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Short teaser of a new step sequencer called Hexter, below are the details.
Sequencer Specs/Features:

16 Steps each with Pitch & Velocity, On / Off switches
Active Step LEDs (Dim)
Clock LED (Bright)

TEST step with Scrubbing (While Stopped)
Scrubbing/Nudging while playing and ‘Test’ button triggers step overriding step switch

Internal Clock
External MIDI Clock Sync – With Variable Resolution
MIDI Notes output
MIDI Channel Selection

NOTE Features: (Midi only not not on-board oscillator)
Transpose – UP / DOWN & ‘+1’
Chord – Type Selection, momentary or latching

TIME Features:
Adjustable Sequence Length, momentary or latching
Reverse Sequence Order
Variable Swing
Variable ‘Active Step’ Pattern Shuffler and play toggle
Playhead Step Jitter – 1 to 5 playheads and variable time between them (‘Root note only’)

Variable Delay – independent delayed note repeat at half velocity (Root note only, No chord)
Variable Beat Repeat

Internal 9v battery or USB Power
Internal Oscillator and speaker

Not to forget the…….


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