Livid CNTRL:R Ableton Live Remote Script Tutorial

December 1, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Here’s what Livid Instruments has to say about the video:

We’ve been so excited about the Stepp:rs that we’ve never really given a tutorial about the main part of the CNTRL:R Live script.
This video demonstrates, in a dry-but-clear manner, the CNTRL:R in Ableton Live, using the Livid remote script available at
This script provides control over clip triggering, master volume and pre-hear, track volume and pan, sends and returns, device controls, as well as a lot of other controls to navigate and control your session. We also demonstrate the use of the User MIDI Map slots and how to use those to map to and easily play a drum rack. There’s lots of ways to control effects in your set, and we cover them all.

Written documentation of this Ableton Live Remote Script is at
Also discussed is the CNTRL:R to Drum rack MIDI Effect which is documented here:
Featured in the video is the Soundhack +delay VST plugin available (along with other great plugins) for free at

If you want to learn more about using the Max for Live step sequencers, those are covered in other videos on our youtube and vimeo channels.


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