MTribe (MIDI editor and control surface for the Korg Monotribe)

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Background details:

Editor and Control Surface for the Korg Monotribe.
MTribe is available at:
Requires a MIDI mod (such as or any similar midi mod)

Feature list:

– MIDI IN/OUT for all MIDI supported features in a practical GUI.
– New: Presets (load/save for storing and recalling presets!)
– New: Key Tracking. In real time pitch modulates LFO intensity / VCF cutoff.
– New: LFO as second oscillator, auto tuned based on harmonics schemes.
– New: Glide emulation and finer pitch bending (more precisely than raw MIDI)
– New: XY Pad for two parameters at once (with reset and spring mode)
– New: (optional) note off removal (to remove gate clicks) and velocity off/on.
– Moreover: simple, but useful, presets editing (copy, paste and name preset)
– Moreover: preset randomizer for each section (VCA, LFO, modulation, glide)
– Supports MIDI learn for the GUI through extra MIDI input (standalone).
– Supports Ableton Live MIDI learn and envelopes in the Max for Live version
– Integration: if you do not use Ableton Live / Max for Live, you can still integrate the MTribe standalone with your DAW using MIDI (IAC bus on Mac / MIDI Yoke on Windows)

Notes: standalone does not requires any additional software to run.
Only Ableton Live device version requires Max for Live.

News: the additional devices used in this video (StepSequencer64 and PatDrummer) are now available at


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