New and improved gbTouch 2 GarageBand controller for iPad

March 16, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Harmony Systems has released Delora gbTouch 2, a free update to their $7.99 iPad application that functions as a remote controller for Apple’s GarageBand.

gbTouch 2 includes the most requested new features by gbTouch 1.0 users: track names and color-coded track type.

Tracks now have individual volume faders that adjust and show each track’s current volume setting. A “sound generator” edit panel has been added to tweak software instrument details, and all edit panels now show the corresponding track name.

gbTouch 2 also has “skins” – the look of the app can be changed to one of four styles from the iPad Settings application.


  • Select current track with one touch
  • Access more than eight tracks with the arrow keys
  • Control transport functions (Backward, Forward, Beginning, Play, Record, Cycle)
  • Enable/disable record, mute, and solo for each track
  • Adjust volume per track and with Master Volume
  • Disable all volume during playback with Volume Mute
  • Move the playhead and designate new start and end points
  • Turn off all track record, mute and solo attributes
  • Show/hide the Arrange View or Master Track
  • Enable/disable Metronome and Count-In
  • Create a new track, duplicate or delete a track
  • Undo or Redo an action, Save a GarageBand file
  • Adjust Master Echo and Reverb effects
  • Manipulate Compressor and Visual EQ parameters
  • Enable/disable effects
  • Supports installations of gbLink on multiple computers


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