New release of Chipmusic from Kittenrock – free download

January 24, 2008 · Posted in Electronic Music 

Good sounding chipmusic/video game music from Kittenrock

Btw this is good site for finding more of the same >>

Free downloads (Radiowaves is btw my favorite :-))

SILent REQuiem – Pokket Nastie

(zip file – right click save target as or whatever for mac users) 

This month SILent REQuiem brings us 9 tracks of some of the most terrifying Game Boy techno out there.

Get ready to be scared!

Originally released January 2008


(zip file – right click save target as or whatever for mac users)

Radio Waves Goodbye blasts us out with a heavy slice of Hi-NRG Game Boy techno.

Originally released December 2007


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  1. motif_r on August 10th, 2008 6:22 pm

    hello, glad to “meet” you…my pseudonym is motif_r, i’ve just released a miniLP on Kittenrock…hope you’ll enjoy this treatments/process of gameboy generated 8bit snd…… long lives the resistance, long lives the network.

    often nicked, never beaten //// cheers, stephane motif_r

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