OP-X PRO-II: Trailer

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SonicProjects OP-X PRO-II software VSTi synth – the new flagship. Introduction trailer.

The soundtrack of the video trailer has been exclusively done with OP-X PRO-II and Steinberg Groove Agent for drums. No external effects or treatment (except for drums) have been used, mixing just included levels and pan. All involved sounds are factory presets of OP-X PRO-II.

According to SonicProjects, the Virtual Oberheim OB-X XPander is “the perfect dream synth”:

OP-X PRO-II is the new top flagship of the OP series and is the continuation of the development of OP-X PRO, based on many collected wishes of customers and too own new ideas, in order to make it the perfect dream synth. S

Some of the obvious new features include doubled polyphony, an included patch browser, an effects unit, midi learn and a completely new arpeggiator.

But there are also a lot a lot of hidden new features that can be accessed by active GUI zones or multiple button states. This keeps the GUI clean and familiar. Once you’ve got to know these features you’ll see that despite this density the general operation is extremely intuitive and streamlined. A bunch of new one-click quick button calibration features saves a lot of work to handle voice-based settings like tuning trimpots or pans.

All of this is based on countless hours of real working experience, to give as streamlined and intuitive handling as possible.

Here’s the entire list of the used presets and settings, in chronological order:

High Sweeps:
MATRIX BANK 9 SyncNotch Sweep FXPM

Deep Strings:
DEFAULT BANK 1 Matrix Softstrings II

LFO Pad:
MATRIX BANK 6 BP Stereomod Pad

Filter Effect:
EFFECTS BANK 15 Filtereffect Water Down

Deep Timpani Doublehit:
MATRIX BANK 88 Matrix Fmod Bumbs NS
BASS BANK 12 Signs Of Life Bass

Filter Selfreso Sweep:
EFFECTS BANK 14 Filtereffect Blobs (Envelope edited)

Warm Mono Sweeps:
SYNTHEX BANK 5 Synthex MM Sweep

Porta Squeak:
DEFAULT BANK 125 Sawsolo Ultra Wide Bend (Portamento set a bit slower)

BASS BANK 1 Fretless Bass

Chord Strings:
DEFAULT BANK 1 Matrix Softstrings II
PADS BANK 2 Supersoft Slowmod Pad

ARPEGGIOS BANK 21 Jupiter Techno ARP

Porta Solo:
DEFAULT BANK 125 Sawsolo Ultra Wide Bend (Portamento set a bit slower)

Brass Stab:
BRASS BANK 13 Prophet Brass Stab

Prophet Sync Sweep:
DEFAULT BANK 60 Prophet Unisync II (Pitch Osc2 set higher)

Percussive Solo:
PROPHET BANK 76 Prophet Perc Solo

Portamento Chord:
OBERHEIM BANK 3 Poly Portamento (Portamento set a bit faster)

Sample Hold Pad:
SAMPLEHOLD BANK 3 Moving SH Arpeggio

Distorted Guitar Tone:
DEFAULT BANK 13 OB Rock Unison

Sync Solo:
DEFAULR BANK 15 OB Syncsolo Damped (Filter Sustain set higher)

Highpitch Downsweep:
DEFAULT BANK 125 Sawsolo Ultra Wide Bend

Slow Portamento Solo:
PROPHET BANK 33 Prophet Ultrawide Bend (Portamento set slower)

Steinberg Groove Agent:
Hip-Hop Kick (eq boost: 100hz 14.4 dB low-shelf)
Hip-Hop Snare (pitch set deeper, a bit Reverb A)
Electro Hihat (a bit Cubase Double Delay 1/16 sync)

Tempo: 120bpm


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