“Scratchy” – Noise & Rhythm Generator

December 15, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Scratchy is a standalone piece of software that produces noise. This noise can be manipulated by a tempo-synced Gating effect (at various degrees of note length) and by a Cutoff control to adjust the pitch. The result is something akin to scratching.

Other effects include Delay, Reverb, Bit Crusher and Comb Filter.

Controlled by a custom layout for TouchOSC for iPad – £2.99 from App Store http://goo.gl/xL714

The music used in this video is ‘Quantum Lock’ by Pete Di-Murro: http://soundcloud.com/mooyon/quantum-lock

Scratchy and the control templates for iPad and iPhone are coming soon as a free download from http://digitaldjtools.net. Check the website or Twitter / G+ / Facebook feeds for updates.


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