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March 8, 2010 · Posted in Electronic Music 

Reason Refill review

Last week I published a post on the new release from Soundcells. It was the bitBumber Reason Refill, a new SID, bit, chip, you name it, refill that I was intrigued to try out myself.

After listening in on hundreds of different refills for Reason it is quite seldom that I find something that feels totally new and fresh, but I am inclined to change my mind on this one. Sure other refills have been published in this space before but rarely with this amount of breadth. There are not just the traditional CMB files and NNXT files that you have become accustomed to but also a several new live performance CMBs that allows you to actually be very creative on stage. I really enjoyed bringing these up during some live jamming in the studio, and to spice things up there are a several really nice Dr.Rex loops also included – and not just endless variations of the same loop  in different pitches and sounds but actually quite a nice mixture of experimental, bass and pure chip sounds – I like :-)

Several of the files has been nicely upgraded from the original using arpeggiators and effects, that either can be activated with automation or set to play as CMB loops. That deep bass sounds paired with either smooth SID strings or whacky FX type sounds.

Soundcells has also added a nice SID/bit section dedicated to  Thor, where I must say that they have been able to squeeze quite a lot of those orginal sounds of that synth, but with a twist.

I would recommend this Refill to any composer who wants to get a kick start in making bit tunes or simply spice up a trance, electro song with some of those nostalgic sounds of old computer games. Remeber though that the refill is more on the playfull side of bit music than for any of hard core SID fanatics with the pure objective of recreating everything as faithfull as possible- but I would recommend you to either purchase, download or build your own SID workstation, that are plenty available out there.

“bitBUMPER deluxe” Contents:

– 360+ combinators (130 (!) new ones since version 2) containing keys, pads, basses, leadsounds, FX, drums, bleeps, noises and percussion.

– 40 scream patches helping you to lofi your sound.

– 30 RPG-8 controlled rex loop patches, great for live gigs!

– 400 unique low bit samples.

– 160 NNXT patches, 126 rexloops.

– Great for music in all styles!

A web address to link to for more info and “bitBUMPER deluxe” only MP3s:


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