Exploring the Multivox MX-65 Polyphonic Synthesizer

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Multivox MX-65 Polyphonic Synthesizer. It is an analog poly keyboard that was made in Japan from 1977 to 1980. Very very rare.

It has six voices. Piano, strings, clavichord, honky-tonk, piano and organ. The voices them selves are just different combinations of the filter and envelope positions that you can switch between. The filter is interfaced with the envelope with 3 modes. A fast attack/fast decay mode, an ‘expand’ mode with resonance emphasis, and a fast attack/slow decay mode..

Excuse the poor playing! I am trying to focus on the controls and just show a quick demo of the sound. Reverb in Ableton.

Multivox MX-3000 analog synthesizer very rare!!!

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Multivox was an American-based synthesizer company since the mid-1970s until the 1980s. Originally it was founded in the mid-1940s as the guitar and amplifier manufacturing subsidiary of Peter Sorkin Music Company (Sorkin Music), a New York-based retailer/wholesaler. Then eventually it established separate corporate identity, and after the close of Sorkin Music in the mid-1970s, it continued in existence for fourteen years, according to the Blue Book of Guitar Values. They specialized in delivering Japanese-designed and built equipment to the American market. They were criticized as having design and circuitry extremely similar to but inferior to designs by Roland. Multivox ceased trading in the early 1980s having “faded into synth history”, according to the Synthmuseum. In addition to synthesizers, the company marketed several Effects pedals. These included the Big Jam series guitar effects line.

As a result of the old criticism of Multivox synthesizer technology and their comparisons with Roland hardware, several hoax/fraudulent cases have occurred. The main hoax was based around a Multivox MX-3000 synthesizer (the flagship of the Multivox range). These machines are quite rare although not particularly sought for by collectors and musicians. Hence when a Roland MX-3000 was offered for sale much controversy surrounding the original Multivox design was stirred up. Eventually the seller admitted that the synthesizer was in fact Multivox, but he had re-badged it in an attempt to generate interest.

Video description:

Bob Kress from neo-exotica music group kava kon playing my very cool and very rare MX-3000 synth.

Will try to post some videos with good sound quality soon.

My music project Kava Kon uses a lot of cool obscure and vintage music equipment. Our new album will be coming out later this year.

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