Noodling with Reaktor 6 Blocks – Sequencer & Clock Dividers

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The first 4 mins is just setting up the connections for the patch, so please be patient for the audio to start playing. The basic idea here is to use a clock divider to spit the incoming clock and send those gate values to modulate oscillator FM, pitch, etc. I do go a bit overboard with patching these gate signals to even run the clocks of the sequencer etc. Towards the later part, a DISTORTION module is added as well and the OSCILLATOR’s individual waveforms are routed into it and processed with the same gate signals coming from the clock divider to create some unpredictable tones, also using a secondary step sequencer to modulate LFO, ENVELOPE etc.

Colorful Noise for Reaktor Blocks

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Colorful Noise is a Block module for use with Native Instruments’ Reaktor Blocks Modular System.

A Noise Generator like no other, Colorful Noise can do much more than a standard Noise Generator. Earth Shaking Noise Sweeps, Modulated Noise, Tuned Noise, Chiptune Style Noise and Random LFO Speed Noise are so easy to achieve with Colorful Noise that you won’t believe your ears. Colorful Noise also comes with a Builtin Output VCA, making the setup of complex patches fast and easy.

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New videos and details on Reaktor 6 – the modular version

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reaktor 6 blocks spits is proud to present a Labor of love.
System 63 is a complete Modular synth with audio rate modulation and a host of Modules to choose from. this has been in the works for 3 years. with the recent update to Reaktor and the release of Blocks (which borrows heavily from the System 63 format) you can now easily inter patch between blocks and system 63 then out to your eurorack modular. Stay tuned for the release date and more information!

A bunch of Bento Box 8 Steps sequencers disturbing each other and controlling a Eurorack modular synthesizer. All sequencing and modulation coming from Reaktor Blocks, except for some humble human interaction. Maschine joins the party with bass drum, hi-hats, and rim shot.

All control signals from Reaktor Blocks are directly routed to the Eurorack modular synthesizer via DC-coupled converters (Expert Sleepers ES-3).

No quantization used on the hardware side. The pitch scaling in Reaktor Blocks (value of 0.1/oct) plays nicely with the ES-3. Since its output voltage range is roughly ±10 V you get approximately 1 V/oct. Obviously tracking is not perfectly accurate without calibration – in my case it was off 1 semitone over 4 oct.

Preview: system63 update Reaktor 6 Blocks and more

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System 63 has been a labor of love for Romans audio for the past 3 years. It was delayed to give NI some time and so that Blocks and 63 could work perfectly together… that time is now. will have it Exclusively along with Many add on packs!

Video: Introducing Reaktor 6 – Check it out

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Reaktor 6 – The Sound Of Blocks (all you need to know)

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Native instruments has finally released Reaktor 6, the latest version of its software modular synthesizer. The update features Blocks – Eurorack-style virtual modules; new power developer features, an updated user interface; a lower price and more.

Reaktor 6 comes bundled with 30 Blocks in several categories, each with a specific purpose. Bento Box Blocks represent the core components of a modular synth setup. Boutique Blocks take inspiration from custom hardware that bring advanced sound shaping to the world of modular synthesis. Digilog Blocks create complex rhythms, process notes, and provide structure in patches. NI All-Star Blocks are single rack-style components of Native Instruments synths such as Rounds and Monark. The world of Blocks will continue to grow as the vibrant Reaktor community builds and shares new Blocks and Blocks patches – all available for free online at NI’s Reaktor User Library.


  • Blocks – Blocks are the new rack-style framework in REAKTOR 6. Blocks offer the speed and flexibility of modular patching, combined with all the benefits of working in the digital domain. Get total recall of complex rack creations. Load as many instances of oscillators, filters, VCAs, LFOs and sequencers as you need. Blocks and Blocks patches can also be shared by the Reaktor community.
  • Power Developer Features – Three key additions extend REAKTOR’s workflow efficiency and sampling power at the Core level.
    • The Table Framework feature allows flexible and efficient data sharing throughout REAKTOR, including from Primary to Core levels. This opens up new possibilities for building custom sampler engines.
    • Bundled wires are like multicore cables, making intra-level patching cleaner and more elegant.
    • Scoped buses allow ‘wireless’ connectivity across multiple structure levels.
  • Major Library Updates – Both Primary and Core Macro libraries have been re-organized for ease of use with new categories and more intuitive folder structures. This makes prototyping and instrument building workflows more efficient.
    • The Core library macros have been re-written for improved sound quality and more efficient use of CPU, letting you build more complex devices that sound better than ever.
    • The library is also extended to include new anti-aliased oscillators, ZDF filters, envelopes, LFOs, effects, and sampler macros that make use of the Table Framework.
  • New User Interface – Numerous interface improvements give builders increased readability and optimized use of screen space.
    • Curved and colored anti-aliased wires allow builders to quickly differentiate wire and port types visually.
    • There are also numerous builder workflow enhancements including improved structure editing, and a revised property and navigation pane.

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