The Neon Judgement – Smack

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The Neon Judgement remains one of the most legendary electronic bands in history. They for sure were one of the pioneers of the so-called dark electro and other EBM movement. Together with bands like Front 242, The Klinik, à Grumh, SA42 and A Split Second they still are the proud of many Belgian electro lovers. After a hiatus of several years The Neon Judgement struck back and mainly concentrated on live performances. It took them years to dare launching a new album. This album entitled “Smack” was a real nice surprise seeing the duo transposing their typical 80s sound into a more modern approach. Months later now appears this “Smack”-baby, which is an EP featuring 8 tracks. We here get 6 remixes and 2 original versions. The American artist DJ 3000 produced two remixes of “The Great Consumer” (originally released on the CD). Both remixes are quite well-crafted, but I have some preference for the groovy opener. Christopher Kah made an appreciable remix of “Leash” and Bodyspasm (Belgian project) together with Dirk Da Davo made a pretty cool and technoid version of “I Cut Loose”. Radical G is the big fish from this EP and it’s not really a surprise that this artist transposed “We Are confused” (originally released on the CD as well) into a terrific, minimal technoid cut reaching a total climax in the break of the song. The “3 D Re-Edit” of “Smack” was made by Dirk Da Davo. The mix is quite recognizable and logically the most close to the original version. The result is a kind of technoid-wave mixture. The two songs left are the ‘original versions’ from “Leash” and “The Great Consumer”, which bring us back to the real mood and style of the “Smack”-CD. This EP has been quite logically released on Dancedelic D(igital), home of Neon Electronics (dance side-project of Dirk Da Davo). “Smack”-EP brings The Neon Judgement transposed into technoid-orientated remixes. It’s an experience that might make the earliest fans a bit skeptical, but it also reveals the vision of a band facing the current trends.

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