The LFO 2.0 for Ableton Live announced …

January 31, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

If you already bought the LFO 1.x, v2.0 will be FREE for you.
It will be available here:

One year ago, it was the first efficient LFO officially supported (by us) for Ableton Live and it has a been liked & used by a lot of people.

With LFO 2.0, you can modulate each parameters of your liveset in real time.
You only have to drop it in a MIDI track, click on a button then click on the parameter you want to modulate and it works.
You can use built-in waveforms or even draw your custom one.
You can use the LFO 2.0 synced with the Live’s transport, or totally free by setting up the frequency.

Features :
– modulation of ALL parameters including tracks’ volume, panning & sends
– free or synced to transport
– classic waveforms (sine, ramp up, ramp down, saw, square, noise)
– custom waveform available with the whiteboard to draw it with your mouse
– presets & liveset friendly (all saved with liveset & presets)
– undo history safe
– LFO can control LFO to produce rich and complex modulations
– MIDI thru compliant (you can use it directly in your MIDI instrument track)
– GUI remixed
– all LFO2.0 parameters auto mappable to APC40

Requirements :
– Ableton Live 8.2.x
– Max for Live

Credit :
– Design, concept, implementation : Julien Bayle
– New extensions sold by C74 & coded by Jeremy Bernstein


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