the microTone – microtonal polyphonic synthesizer + controller for iPad

February 8, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized 

A little demo of the microTone with iRig MIDI and (free) osynth!

i connected an iRig MIDI to my iPad with the microTone running. The MIDI signal goes via audio/MIDI interface into my computer where the data is parsed by osynth.

the microTone:
- control one octave fluently without steps. Just glide over the keyboard with up to 10 fingers!
- switch octaves or lowest/highest notes
- the microTone has an integrated polyphonic synthesizer with 8 different sound presets
- send pitch data over MIDI cable to your computer
- send pitch data over WiFi to your computer (receive MIDI or OSC data with e.g. max/MSP or OSCulator)
- receive microTone MIDI or OSC data with osynth: a free synthesizer, made for the microTone.

- voice1: saw/sine with hpf
- voice2: white noise filtered with note frequency
- voice3: sine sub-osc
- voice4: sine osc one octave higher
- voice5: wavetable osc
- reverb
- stereo delay
- binaural FX
- pitch random modulator
- recallable presets
- connect the microTone with core MIDI over WiFi or cable
- connect the microTone with OSC over WiFi


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