Time machine: KORG MONOPOLY Analog Synthesizer 1982

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And here are the details:

The Korg/Mono Poly is a well equipped Synth: It has 4 oscillators, oscillator sync, cross modulation, PWM, noise generator (white noise), 24 dB Filter, 2 ADSR envelopes, 2 LFO’s with many waveforms, ARPEGGIATOR, CHORD MEMORY and portamento. The built in microprocessor makes many things possible: chord memory, arpeggiator, and polyphonic playing.

It is built around SSM chips like the Korg Polysix. I think, with the MONOPOLY Korg wanted to produce a synth as an alternative to the Minimoog and Sequential Circuits Pro One. Please don’t expect it to sound like a Minimoog. The Minimoog remains one of the best sounding analog synths, and the Monopoly (like many others) can not compete in terms of sound quality. However, it sounds great and gives a lot of inspiration. It is a flexible instrument with an amazing potential.

The most characteristic thing on the MonoPoly is the arpeggiator, when it triggers the oscillators in poly-mode. Every step of the arpeggiator triggers a different oscillator – unique patterns can be produced.

I played the Korg MonoPoly along with a Roland DC-30 delay, a Roland DEP-5 (delay) and and a Lexicon MPX-500 (reverb).


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