Turn your ordinary mobile phone into a LoFi loop sequencer

November 18, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized 

This is a demonstration of the GetLoFi MIDI Loop sequencer on a Nokia cell phone. The program is a Java application that theoretically should work on a wide range of older cell phones including a Blackberry device. Anything that supports J2ME.

More information soon at www.getlofi.com
The App can be downloaded from http://www.getlofi.com/getlofi.jar

The Controls are pretty simple.

Number keys 1-8 randomly choose a pattern from 99 preset MIDI phrases for that spot on the sequence. 9 Key randomly selects phrases for all spots.

0 Key clears all patterns out and sents the Self Play Mode, and ( *, # ) adjust the length of the pattern sequence.

There is no tempo control, except for what is in the MIDI phrase files themselves.

HereĀ“s what you need:

The ingredients:

  • Software running on the Java virtual machine (good, old-fashioned J2ME)
  • A hack for proper input and output (from the various headset connectors)
  • Sequenced MIDI files

The result: otherwise silent, ordinary cellphones become living musical creatures. Install files, plus information on how to make the circuit for I/O, went up on GetLoFi early in October, but thanks to Michael Una for pointing this my way over dinner recently.

Everything you need:
MIDI Loop Sequencer aka Cell Phone Noisemaker


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