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October 4, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized 

More from Novation with the news of a Twitch to Ableton Live Translation application. This takes the Novation Twitch – DJ control surface with audio interface, and makes it play nicely with Abletons Live software. This translation layer appears to be built using MAX/MSP an advanced MIDI manipulation application – indeed, the source-code is freely available so the tweakers can modify the application to do what they wish. Available for download now from the Novation website (Mac and PC).

Novation has created an application that allows users to set up and use the TWITCH to control parameters in Ableton Live (and any other MIDI compatible DJ software).The purpose of this software is to receive ‘raw’ MIDI messages generated by the TWITCH hardware and ‘translate’ them into MIDI messages that can be learned to parameters in Ableton LIve. TWITCH Translator for Live is not intended to be a solution to provide a universal DJ mapping for Live. Every Live user will want to use TWITCH in a slightly different way to another, so this allows a blank starting point to map to parameters in Live in any way you want. This application has been created using Cycling 74 Max/MSP software. This means that every user is able to run this application regardless of whether they own Max/MSP, but users of Max/MSP are able to open the ‘source code’ to edit and tweak to their own preference.

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