LDB-1 Analog Drum Machine – Roland TR recreation

July 26, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

The Delptronics LDB-1 “Little Drummer Boy” is a modern recreation of the classic analog drum machines of the 80’s, like the Roland TR-606 and TR-808. Our goal was to recreate the warm sounds of the classics, using all analog circuitry — not samples. The brain of the LDB-1 is a powerful digital microcontroller that triggers the analog drum sounds and provides the sequencer, programmability and connectivity features. Eight instruments: Bass, Low tom, high tom, snare drum, woodblock, hand clap, closed hi-hat, and open hi-hat. Easily interfaces with other instruments, synthesizers, DAWs, etc. through analog connections, MIDI, and DINsync. The LDB-1 has all of the features of a classic analog drum machine in a small, affordable package.

Purchase and read more about it at http://www.delptronics.com/ldb1.php


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