MFB-522, Slim Phatty, Mbrane, Clap Track, DM-100

May 7, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

“Just messing around with a MFB-522, Moog Slim Phatty, Jomox Mbrane 11, Electro Harmonix Clap Track and Boss DM-100 delay.”

MFB-522 is a drum computer with a fully analogue sound engine that offers plenty of editing capabilities. It includes a step-sequencer with popular TR-style running-light-programming. Memory locations are available for 72 patterns as well as for 8 songs.

The step-sequencer allows programming of 72 basic patterns plus 72 fill-ins. The latter being associated to the basic pattern memory location, resulting in a two-bar-pattern when using the fill-in. Patterns can be combined to eight songs that each hold a user-definable sequence of up to 64 patterns. In addition to the instruments, a global accent-track is available. When set, the corresponding step will be played with a higher or lower volume-setting in comparison to the standard level. The MFB-522’s sequencer offers three different steps of shuffling. A stereo output will carry all instruments minus those where individual outputs are in use (bass drum, snare drum/rimshot, claps and Hihat). Using the MIDI-In, drum-sounds can be played with a keyboard or external sequencer. Here, the sound sources act velocity sensitive. Finally, MFB-522 can be synchronized to incoming MIDI-clock.


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