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Below is their pitch and specs:

This year, Eowave is attending the NAMM 2012 and will announce the release of the KOMA! 2011 has been full of new releases with the Ribbon, a monosynth/USB/audio controller and the release of the little analogue synth DOMINO in November. We’ll show the KOMA [no relation to KOMA Electronik], an analog bassline synth with memory and a 16 step sequencer that will be ready to ship very very soon!

, a step back into the 80s with a touch of 2012…

KOMA is an analog sequenced bass synthesizer inspired by classic synths from the 1980s with a synthesis section with 256 sound presets and 256 patterns and a step sequencer section.

The synthesis section offers the possibility to mix 4 different waveforms (saw, square, sub, noise) for infinite modulations. The SUB DESYNC mode enables to desynchronize and to detune the SUB and the main oscillator for complex sounds. The filter is a 24 dB resonant low-pass filter. The LFO has 8 waveforms (triangle, ramp up, ramp down, square, random, digital noise, staircase up, staircase down) and can modulate the VCO, VCF or PWM.
To this particular analog sound of the 80s, we added a touch of modernity with controls and parameters to save compositions and performances. The 16 step sequencer has 4 sections: 1 for the notes and 3 freely assignable to a parameter of your choice to create living sequences with sonorities like Vince Clark or Jan Hammer.

With 256 sound presets and 256 patterns locations, the KOMA is a versatile instrument for live performance as well as a powerful composition and sound design tool. Its very intuitive control panel allows the user to edit all parameters in real-time.

Oscillator section

– Main VCO with 2 waveforms (square and saw), plus SUB (square) and NOISE
– The pulsewidth of the square waveform can be modulated by env2 or by the LFO.
– The main oscillator can be transposed up to 3 octaves
– The main oscillator frequency can be modulated by the LFO or by env3
– Glide
– Mix of the 4 waveforms

– sub (sub can be 1 or 2 octaves below the master freq).
– The DESYNC mode enables to desynchronize and detune the SUB from the main oscillator.
– In the DESYNC mode, the SUB can be at the same frequency than the main oscillator or 1 octave below.

Filter section
– 24dB resonant low-pass filter for a classical 80s sound
– Variable cutoff and resonance
– The filter can be modulated by ENV2, KB, LFO.
– External audio with a trimmer to feed the filter

LFO section
– The LFO has 8 waveforms (triangle, ramp up, ramp down, square, random, digital noise, staircase up, staircase down)
– Variable speed
– The LFO modulates the VCO, VCF or PWM
– External MIDI clock synchronization

– ENV1 & ENV2: these 2 envelopes ADSR modulate respectively the amplitude and the filter.
– Attack goes from 2ms to 10 s.
– ENV3: envelope Attack/Decay modulates the VCO

VCA section
– Vca is affected to env1

– 4 banks of 64 sound presets (SAV PRST, SAVE PAT)
– 4 banks of 64 patterns
– 256 sound presets
– 256 patterns

– 16 steps sequencer with 16 LED
– 4 sections: 1 section for gate and note and 3 sections freely assignable to any parameter of the front panel.
– Random feature
– Adjustable tempo
– You can transpose the sequencer via an external MIDI keyboard.
– Each line can have a different number of steps to create complex modulations
– Chain up to 8 sequences.
– Shuffle feature
– External MIDI clock synchronization

– Audio in
– Audio out
– MIDI in
– USB (for software update and MIDI in&out)”


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