New Ableton Live Rack featuring lots of Noises, Risers, Swooshes and more

June 29, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized 

This weeks Ableton Live Rack is a collection of white noise swooshes, risers, falling synths, and other useful transitional sounds.

They are great for adding tension or creating releases. Most were created with either virtual synths or sampled synths, and some sounds were sampled from old video games. These are some of the exact sounds I use during my live performances to add anything from anticipation, signaling a change, or creating atmosphere. I have added a bunch of useful effects. These are explained in the video, as well as a quick demonstration of how I might use them on a track, although for the sake of example, I may be slightly overdoing it. Enjoy and Share :)  **Non Live users: You can use the samples in your DAW of choice**

Download the rack here:

So much of our enjoyment in life relies on tension and release, and music is no different. This weeks free Ableton Live Rack is designed to help build that tension and release in your music.  I’ve created a bunch of white noise risers and fallers, sampled some choice sounds from old video games, and created synths that climb and fall many octaves over time.  Many of these sounds have been staples of dance and electronica for years, but more and more, as genres of music mix together, I find these sounds as useful in rock music as they are in anything else.  Experiment with them.  Use them to alert the listener to changes that are approaching, and to smooth out transitions.

Many of these sounds are the exact ones I use in my live performances, and they can work wonders whether entering or leaving a chorus, switching to a new song, or just as something to get the audience to make some noise of their own.  I’ve added some effects that lend themselves nicely to all this swooshing around.  There’s Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Delay, AutoPan, Bit Crusher and a Beat Repeat that allows you to further destroy the sound.  In the video, I explain how it all works and demonstrate some ways to (over)use the AfroDJMac Noises, Risers, Swooshes Rack.  Use and abuse; enjoy and share.


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  1. AfroDJMac on June 29th, 2011 7:33 am

    Thanks Ola!

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