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PolyKeys by ASWAVE is a freeware Virtual Analog Polyphonic Softsynth Synthesizer and as been around since 2006 in beta form and is still updated for time to time. filled with a few presets that show the diversity of the vsti plugin and is capable of a who lot more sounds to create another true classic synth from the freeware world of vst plugins instruments and effects.
in this video i have tried to show the range of sounds that can be made with this synth classic, rather that make it sound musical.
please note
the most irrating thing about downloading this classic synth is that you have to add a websearch engine to your web browers as homepage or add to tabs before refreshing and downloading this plugin, i say except it and delete later on if you wish
For more infomation visit
extra presets


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  1. gotmilk? on February 13th, 2011 9:25 am

    tryed it for the first time this morning, excellent sound, yet to tweak it much but got a solid sound and low on cpu.


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