PreBrute Worlds First MiniBrute Based Kontakt Synth

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So right before Xmas Arturia’s MiniBrute goes virtual for Kontakt, details below:

Programmed pre-sets for PreBrute are listed below for each demo
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DEMO – Downtown (Part 1)
Percussions: Synthetic Percussions (JW)
Percussions: Junkyard Orchestra (JW)
Percussions: Flabby Kicks 3 (JW)
Keys: Cyberphone (JW)
Bass: Fretless Smoothie (JW)

DEMO: Serenade
Bass: Serenade Bass (PS)
Pad: Serenade Pad (PS)
Lead: Serenade Lead (PS)
Drums: Maschine PreSid Kit Serenade

DEMO – Solitude
Keys: Grand Piano (Solitude) (JW) (two instances for panning purposes)
Pads: Retro Strings (Solitude) (JW)
Pads: Space Pad (Solitude) (JW)

Demo: Runner
Pad: Runner Pad Modulate Lp Master Filter (PS)
Pad2: Runner Pad Map Hp Master Filter (PS)
Bass: Runner Bass (PS)
Lead: Runner Lead (PS)
Drums: Maschine PreSid Kit Runner

DEMO – Downtown (Part 2)
Percussions: Res Toms (JW)
Percussions: Industry Snares (JW)
Percussions: Dance Kicks 2 (JW)
Percussions: Glitch 1 (JW)
Keys: Cyberphone (JW) (modified with a longer attack)
Bass: Fretless Smoothie (JW) (with modified cutoff)

Demo: Sunshine
Pad: Sunshine Pad (PS)
Stabs: Sunshine Chord Delay Stabs (PS)
Bass: Sunshine Bass (PS)
Lead: Sunshine Lead (PS)
Drums: Maschine PreSid Kit Sunshine

DEMO: For Clifford…
keys: Mr Wait’s Bourbon (JW)
lead: Manik Moon (JW)

Demo: Breakdown
Stabs: Breakdown Delay Chord Stabs (PS)
Stabs: Breakdown Accordion Like Chord Stabs (PS)
Bass: Breakdown Bass (PS)
Drums: Drum break used

Demos composed by Jonathan Watridge and Precious Sound
JW= Jonathan Watridge
PS=Precious Sound


• 2.16GB Kontakt 5 Library
– 7612 24bit samples
– 0.92GB Ram usage for first instance 200mb per instance after per project

• Equipment used
– Arturia MiniBrute
– AMS 1073lb (Class A)
– API 512C (Class AB)
– Type 1 cassette through a Tascam 122 MKIII

• 20 Waveforms sampled from MiniBrute
– 4 Flavours Per Osc (Raw/1073/512C/Tape)
– 80 Possible waveform choices per Osc

• 4 Oscillators
– Independent Amp ADSR / Filter ADSR
– 2 Switchable Envelopes per Osc Amp Adsr (Normal/Punch)
– Inv Phase per Osc
– Sample start adjustment per Osc

• Octave function
– Shift +/- 3 octaves per Osc (natively plays samples does not tune sample)

• Copy paste
– One Osc’s settings to another Osc

• 2 LFOs per Osc
– Adjustable Speed, Depth and Sync
– Shape: Sine, Triangle, Rectangle, Sawtooth, and Random
– Destination: Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance, Osc Volume, Osc Pan, Osc Tune and Osc Fine Tune

• 7 FX per Osc
– Lo-fi / Distortion / Flanger / Phaser / Chorus / Saturation / Limiter

• 6 selectable Filters per Osc
– LP / HP / BP / Notch / Phase / Vow
– Adjustable Key track and Velocity amount

• Global Dual LP/HP Filter
– Global filters can be linked to behave like a BP Filter

• Global summing mixer
– Global Insert effects Width / Distortion / Tape Saturation / Eq / Limiter
– Global send effects Phaser / Flanger / Chorus / Ir Reverb / Delay
– Unison (up to 8 voice)
– Global Amp ADSR with a softer curve

• Onboard Preset system
– load and save presets via the global panel
– All sounds heard in all demo’s are available in the preset folder
– 45 presets to help get you started

• Intuitive design
– Large LED info Panel for a visual aide when setting up the synth

• Raw tones modulated within our engine

• Non-Intrusive Protection
– Sales are automated and you will recieve download links
– .NKI file (Instrument file) will be sent to your email address seperatly.
– Serial numbers are displayed on the global section of the instrument.
– our samples are not watermarked
– no file sent to you contains any personal information simply a serial number.

– PreBrute Kontakt £39.99 Inc VAT / $49.99 (Valid VAT numbers can be entered at checkout)


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