Time machine: ROLAND JUNO-60 Analog Synthesizer 1982

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Among the first in Roland’s amazing JUNO family! Six analog voices of polyphony and patch memory storage!! The Roland Juno-60 is a classic six voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with 56 patch memory for your sounds. Although the sound architecture is rather basic, it has an excellent analogue sound. The Juno-60 can produce great basses / sequences with its fast envelopes. It can also produce warm smooth pads with its excellent filters.

The Juno-60 was used by many professionals like Eurythmics, Howard Jones, the Madonna producers, Paul Van Dyk and many more… it has the DCB interface – the predecessor of MIDI. With a DCB to MIDI interface it is very easy to integrate the instrument in a midi setup.

To my ears the JUNO-60 sounds far better than the very similar JUNO-106 (I had both). The Juno-60 has snappier envelopes and a fater chorus. The difference is clearly notable. IMO the Juno-60 ist the best sounding Juno. But all Junos can sound great… Please note, I am talking about the original Juno series from the eighties.

I played the JUNO-60 without any additional FX or EQ (except the intro music – this is a multi track recording). Excuse the slight distortion in the first minute.


Do you have a Juno-60 and want to play with the sounds heard in the video? You can buy the “ANALOGAUDIO1 PATCH BANK” (56 sounds) for 12,99 Euros.
After payment through PayPal you will get a MP3 with sound data for the tape interface of your Juno-60 via email.
The details about the functionality of the tape interface are described in the manual of the Juno-60, which you can download for free.

The patchbank will NOT work with the Juno-106, because this one has a different data format.

If you want to buy the “ANALOGAUDIO1 PATCHBANK”, please drop me a mail.


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