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Six brand-new soft synths with the brilliant depth and character of classic hardware. Instantly call up inspiration from : the Yamaha CS-70M, CS-40M and CS-20M, the crazy Italian Elka Synthex, the Rhodes Chroma, the king of FM – the Yamaha DX1, the rare DK Synergy and the classic K250 revisited.

From modern prog and pop to dance, electro, hip-hop and experimental, Vintage Legends is a deep and versatile sonic resource that’s sure to inspire artists working in any style.

Special introductory price : $299 instead of $349

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Take 6 iconic vintage synthesizers, carefully restore them, create a massive array of presets and deeply multi-sample them, professionally process and master the sounds, infuse them into the industry proven UVI Engine — giving you endless sound shaping options, then wrap the results in immaculately prepared GUIs and you’ve got UVI Vintage Legends.

At UVI we’ve been producing sound for over 20 years and designing our own software for over 12.

We’ve found that virtual instruments with a foundation in sampling have a more defined character and distinct sound quality than those based on digital modeling. The trouble with sample-based instruments is that they’re typically lacking in expression and flexibility; one sample, one sound.

UVI hybrid instruments are more flexible than a conventional ROMpler and more authentic than a simulation, giving you the best of both worlds. Vintage Legends integrates over 30,000 samples from classic synths into the acclaimed UVI Engine, giving you the distinct character of hardware with the added control, convenience and power of a modern digital instrument.

Taking these classic tones into new sonic territory, the UVI Engine delivers massive unison spreads, abundant polyphony, thick-modeled filters, drive, reverbs, modulation, FX and much, much more. These instruments will never need to be serviced or go out of tune, and they’re far easier to lug around than hardware.



Vintage Legends comes packed with over 800 presets expertly crafted by our sound design team, giving you a huge library of unique sounds and textures.

Each instrument features an intuitive and evocative GUI with a versatile and easy-to-navigate control set helping you to quickly shape sounds to fit your needs, transform them for wild inspiration or crack open the unit and design your own.

Timeless sounds. Infinitely customizable. Compatible with everything.

◆ UVI CS-M – Vintage Japanese Power
◆ UVI SYNTHOX – The Real Italian Stallion
◆ UVI KROMA – Premier Analog Synth
◆ UVI FMX1 – The Gem of FM
◆ UVI U1250 – Dawn of the ROM Age
◆ UVI ENERGY – Additive Fury (bonus only available in Vintage Legends)

CS-M, SYNTHOX, KROMA, FMX1 and U1250 are available as individual instruments for $99 each.

More info & screenshots :



With the free UVI Workstation 2.0.8 (required version), UVI Vintage Legends can work:
• as a stand-alone instrument, compatible with Mac & PC
• as a VST, AudioUnit, RTAS and MAS plug-in.

With MachFive 3 – make the most of all editing features included!


* Yamaha, Elka, ARP, Rhodes, Kurzweil, D.K, CS70M, CS40M, CS20M, DX1, Synthex, Chroma, K250, K1000 and Synergy are trademarks of their respective owners and are not affiliated, endorsed, connected or sponsored in any way to UVI or any of our affiliate sites; therefore do not be confused between UVI and these brands.


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