Andrey Grimm playing the Slidesounder

September 24, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Cosmic fantasy with midi controller “slidesounder” and midi keyboard.

Ribon potentiometer with microcontroller & software synthesizers.

Description in Googlish from Latvian:

Slīdskanis is an electronic musical instrument, MIDI controller, device which sends information to a sound synthesis devices or programs, led by their sound.
Unlike conventional synthesizer, which sounds different heights obtained by pressing different keys,
slīdskanim the neck with a special ribbon, a pushing and pulling with your finger, you can move from one sound to another without skip it,
slid smoothly from one sound to another, just as bezladu instruments such as violin, guitar, or play with a slide.
Slīdskanim related is one of the first musical instruments that originated in the 20th century 20-30 years-Theremin and Ondes Martenots, which is characterized by the vibrating vocal ghost-like sound. .
Is it possible to create a wide variety of timbres and sound hues, depending on which is controlled synthesizer.
For example you can record a voice sound and turn it into a unique musical instrument.
It is possible to add various additional audio effects that can be controlled with the addition of the pedal.
The slīdskaņa can experiment with non-traditional sound intervals, and not mikrotoņiem-key limit.
Design is based on the STM32-Olimexino mikrokontrollieris and meter Symbol Spectral company produced softpot, or touch-tape potentiometer.
Creators: Amber Stag-idea and design. Arthur Gailitis-oriented programming.


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