Not just another simple VA synthesizer – Alphatron

September 3, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Alphatron is not just a simple VA synthesizer instead in using a 3rd oscillator with digital waves it does offer a lot more variation. Thus it can do analogstyle sounds reminding of the old Moog and Prophet days but also merge this with the digital realm in various ways to achieve sounds beyond.

Another big highlight of Alphatron is the versatile step sequencer with 8 + 4 pattern slots which can be selected at realtime for instant pattern switching.
Plus Step Variation which is in fact aonther 16 step sequencer to set different number of steps to be played in succession. Two alternating semitone offsets can be set e.g. for each 2nd, 3rd or 4th loop.

Main features (based on Pro version):

  • 1 VA Oscillator with up to 6 poly waves for Saw, Ramp, Sine, Tri, and Pulse
  • 1 VA Oscillator with single waves as above plus white and pink noise, Sync slave
  • 1 Sample Osccillator with fairly typical digital waves with different hamonic content, Sync master
  • 1 Amplitude Modulation with dedicated output
  • 1 24 dB resonant Low Pass filter with dedicated ADSR EG, 4 mixable mod sources
  • 1 VCA EG
  • Note: Both EG have 3 modes: exponential, reverse exponential, and linear; and optional control for Attack and Decay by velocity

  • 1 Booster or Enciter selectable
  • 1 Mystify with three selctable types (Brite, Soft, Dark)
  • 1 bpm synced Delay with adjustable Offset controlled manually or by modsource, Pan
  • 1 Bass Boost
  • 1 Pan for undelayed signal
  • 1 small Reverb for adding some nice flavour
  • 1 Saturator
  • 1 main Volume
  • 3 x LFO, 1 x Duo LFO (with two waves and phase control for 2nd wave), 1 x S&H
  • 1 Pitch LFO with option to speed up or down the LFO speed
  • 16 Step Seqencer with Shuffle for notes and velocity plus mute buttons for each step.
  • incl 8 pattern slots per patch and 4 global pattern slots for instant changes
  • 3 Wheels
  • Aftertouch as selectable modsource
  • 8 Lazy buttons
  • 8 GUI variants selectable
  • 128 patches

    Download it here >>

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