PATCH IT ” The Sonic Cloud Patch” Part Two

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An extended example of improvised patching with a medium scale Doepfer system. This example is titled “The Sonic Cloud Patch” Part two of five. Sound and Video by Raul Pena.

The Sonic Cloud Patch

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An extended example of improvised patching with a medium scale Doepfer system. This example is titled “The Sonic Cloud Patch” Part one of four. Sound and Video by Raul Pena.

Carl Oliver – Experiment Forty

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A Video Series of Short Eurorack Modular Impromptu Experiments and Improvisations.

Richard Devine: Closing track from my modular set at the Tokyo Modular Festival 2014, visuals by BR-laser

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Last track of my live modular set at Tokyo Modular Festival 2014. Mesmerizing laser visuals by BR-Laser. The module used is a creation from BR laser, and makes a laser projector work in the fashion of an analog oscilloscope in X/Y mode. The signal flow from the interface module to the laser is fully analogue, because of this the visuals are extremely responsive, and the module can connect to RGB laser projectors.

Amazing visuals by artist Bernhard Rasinger of BR-Laser links below:

facebook link to BR-Laser

Modular Monday morning

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This video captures a live studio performance on modular by Manuel Schulz.

Background video description:

After a long time, I have a new Dotcom live video for you. Again, there is no multitracking; just live performance of the Dotcom Studio 110. I have used a Boss DR-55 for the rhythm and an Electro Harmonix Small Stone phaser for the pad. The Lexicon PCM 96 does the reverb and the delay. That’s all. This time I recorded the music directly to disc without any microphone – so the sound quality should be much better now. If you wish, I can post another video with some explanations about the patch and how all this works. Just let me know.


Modular: Madrona Labs Kaivo on a Touchscreen Monitor

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Kaivo is a semi-modular software synthesizer that combines two powerful ways of making sound: granular synthesis and physical modelling. A capable software modular synthesizer – running on a touchscreen. The system is running WIndows 8.1, Ableton Live & using a Lenovo 1423p monitor.

More info here >>

Intro To Modular Synthesis

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An introduction to modular synthesis by Youtube alias Somaaa.

In this video I go over various types and brands of modules and demonstrate how to connects them all together to create sounds. I demonstrate this using my Eurorack synthesizer.

I use brands like Doepfer, Analog Solutions, Pittsburg Modular and TipTop

Erica Synths MATRIX MIXER teaser

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sneak preview of the upcoming Erica Synths Matrix Mixer – a new Eurorack module, designed to bring the classic matrix patch bay into the 21st century

Erica Synths has been developing the Matrix Mixer for over 6 months, and the main challenge was to get analogue mixer part working perfect.

The module basically replaces 3 persons and 11 hands during live performances.


  • 10 inputs
  • 8 outputs
  • 3,2” touchscreen
  • DC couped mixer connects any input to any output and mixes input signals
  • Routes any input to several outputs
  • Use the Matrix Mixer for audio and CV signals
  • Input signals: up to 10V ptp or up to 10V DC
  • Mixer gain: 1
  • Chain multiple patches into performance and sync it to external or internal clock
  • 256 patch and performance memory, each patch accessible instantly
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Extention modules planned

The Matrix Mixer launch is scheduled to mid July.

More info here >>

RAC in the studio with his modular synths

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 KOMA Elektronik on a studio visit with producer/remixer RAC (André Allen Anjos).

In the video, Anjos discusses how he got started with his system, how he is using it in the studio and some tips for people who would like to start putting together their own system.

The music heard in the video was made on his modular synthesizer during the interview session.

Chronicling the history of modular synths in Japan

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Chronicling the history of modular synths in Japan from the 1970s to the new generation of Japanese modular synth enthusiasts, details below:

We’re a small team of passionate independent filmmakers producing a documentary about the current resurgence of interest in modular synthesizers in Japan, featuring interviews with some of the enthusiasts, manufacturers and artists in the growing scene, as well as some of the out-of-this-world sounds being produced in Japan right now.

Though not as immediately recognized as their Moog and Buchla cousins, large Japanese musical instrument manufacturers such as Roland and Korg produced their own unique takes on modular and semi-modular synthesizers back in the mid-to-late 1970s.

In addition to covering some of these influential synths from the past, we will be examining the relative disappearance of modular synthesizers in Japan after domestic production halted, and the corresponding blossoming of the DIY hardware/synth scene which continues to this day.

Lastly, we will be shining a spotlight on the growing modular synthesizer movement that is taking Japan by storm as access to both European and North American modules increases. We’re also looking to cover the exciting development of the first Japanese-manufactured commercial modular synthesizers in many decades. We’re looking to thoroughly document the 2014 Tokyo Festival of Modular, a two-day extravaganza with its finger on the pulse of the modular synthesizer scene.

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