Musikmesse 2015 Introducing The New Waldorf nw1 Wavetable Eurorack Module

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Now introducing the new Waldorf nw1 Wavetable Eurorack Module

Available soon from

Patchblocks Modular Synthesizers at Musikmesse 2015

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Patchblocks are small synthesizer modules, which run program code that turns them into anything from oscillators, filters, sequencers, etc. You can easily program those functions with a drag & drop editor on Mac and Windows computers.

Sound Demo:…

All you can eat Roland at MusikMesse

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The Roland System 500, created in conjunction with Portland-based Malekko Heavy Industries, is a new line of Eurorack analog synthesizer modules, based on two of the most revered electronic instruments of all time—the SYSTEM-700 and SYSTEM-100m.

Now introducing the new Roland AIRA Digital Eurorack Modules!

Ein Messe-Highlight sind die neuen Module im Euro-Rack-Format.
Besonders geil sind die neuen alten Roland 100 Module und das System 1 Rack.

MESSE 2015: Roland System 100M Analog Modules Made in conjunction with Malekko

Rolands new Eurorack modules – System1M and four new digital programmable effects modules too

Today at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt I played around with the Roland System 1M – Plug out synthesizer. You can see it offers a lot of options and direct controls. I will update you with more detail information asap.

Roland goes Modular (Eurorack)

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Roland is pleased to announce the development of the SYSTEM-500, an all-new, fully analog modular synthesizer based on two of the most revered electronic instruments of all time—the SYSTEM-700 and SYSTEM-100m. Designed exclusively for Eurorack, the SYSTEM-500 delivers classic Roland sound with all the advantages and reliability of a modern instrument.





BITRAZER is a “bit and sample rate destruction” – a decimator effect.

DEMORA is a high-resolution delay, boasting a time range of 20 microseconds to 10 seconds, with delay time, feedback and width.

SCOOPER is a “scatter” effect in a modular.

TORCIDO is a distortion.

Following last year’s AIRA debut, Roland is launching a whole new range of Eurorack compatible modular gear.
The SYSTEM-1m is a semi-modular version of the SYSTEM-1 synth with extra features like CV/Gate connections, external input, and more comprehensive signal routing options.
Next there’s a range of standalone, table-top and Eurorack compatible effects for next-level sound mangling and experimentation, with distortion, crusher, delay and scatter coming soon. Patch cables at the ready!




Roland System-100 Sample & Hold Improvisation

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An improvised demonstration of the Sample & Hold function on the Roland System-100 semi-modular synthesizer. All sounds were recorded live from the synth. Reverb was added later. No other modifications has been made to the sounds. The style is experimental / minimal. No drums etc, just the sounds of the Roland System-100.

Another simple video in the “Playing With” series of videos just playing around on some nice gear. Hopefully it demonstrates some of the sound and features without going into one my full overview videos. Most of all though it’s something I’ve some real fun with! Sampled the System 100m a lot too, so it’ll make it’s way into some new packs/products soon enough.

This was filmed at the University of Huddersfield! Some amazing facilities that I’m lucky to be able to get my hands on!

Dick Hyman | Modular Improvisation

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In this video, Dick Hyman acknowledges his acoustic mastery as well as his electronic explorations while improvising on the piano and the newly re-issued Moog Modular System 55.

American pianist and composer Dick Hyman is best known for his proficiency on the piano and his versatility in various jazz styles, but Hyman is also responsible for creating some of the earliest popular Moog recordings. The 1969 album Moog: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman, found the accomplished jazz musician exploring new sonic territories with a brand-new instrument, the Moog synthesizer.

Music used courtesy of Eastlake Music, Inc.

Schneidersladen Rotating Rack of Modular (timelapse)

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Berlin’s Schneidersladen aren’t quite like other music gear stores, starting with their hidden location above a grocery store.

And then there’s their incredible rotating rack of modular gear. We sped it up so we can stare dizzingly and watch. Guessing this doesn’t exactly work as aversion therapy.

Modular: Live performance by Bastl Instruments

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Euclidean rhythms generated by the new Knit Rider sequencer modular from Bastl Instruments (CZ) – at a workshop hosted by Schneidersladen, Berlin. More to come.

Quick live jam on the modular from Bastl Instruments (CZ) – at a workshop hosted by Schneidersladen, Berlin. More to come.

Modular Drum machine – TEA KICK, NOISE SQUARE and SKIS demo, Bastl Instruments modular

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3 analog modules inspired by musical instruments pioneer Standa Filip, which form modular drum machine
Tea Kick (5HP) – kick drum and more
Noise Square (5HP) – analog, digital and square signal generator
Skis (5HP) – dual decay and vca
for more information go to:…
buy here:…
plan here:…

Synthrotek MST 3 NEW Eurorack Synth Modules – Stereo Mixer, Buff Mult, and Dual Envelope

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Check out the new MST Eurorack Modules from Synthrotek
1. Dual Envelope
2. Stereo Mixer
3. Buffered Multiple
Synthrotek is pleased to offer a complete line of eurorack synthesizer modules, power, cases and accessories in both complete units and kits. We now offer a very complete analog modular monophonic voice with many accompanying utility modules. This new complete voice is the product of a collaboration with synth guru George Mattson, who now joins us in releasing our new MST (Mattson – Synthrotek) line of premium modules. The Stereo Output Mixer was designed by Scott Rise of Division 6.

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