Roland System-1M Semi Modular Presentation

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We get a look at the new Roland AIRA Eurorack module, with AIRA specialist David Ahlund

Roland SH-101 – Famous 80s Synth Sequences

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Vintage synthesizer demo track featuring the Roland SH-101 Analog Synthesizer (1983)

Some famous classic 80s synth sequences. No external FX used.

Roland Pro-Mars Vintage Analog Synthesizer Demo

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This video demonstrates the sound of the vintage Roland Pro-Mars monophonic analog synthesizer. Enjoy!

The ProMars Compuphonic was unique largely in part due to its introduction of microprocessor control, hence the term, “Compuphonic.” It used an Intel 8048 processor to control the all-analog VCOs, VCAs, and VCFs. This also allowed it to store patches, making it one of the early few analog synthesizers that had patch memory.

The ProMars CompuPhonic has 10 preset sounds and 10 user programmable patches. The preset sounds include Bass, String, Clavi, Piano, Voice, Trombone, Sax, Trumpet, Synth I and Synth II. A very standard and well laid out set of knobs, sliders and edit controls give you the power to create some really cool sounds.

Designed as a partner to the polyphonic Jupiter-4, the ProMars is often considered a monophonic version of the Jupiter 4. However, whereas the Jupiter 4 had only one oscillator per voice, the ProMars features two oscillators (that can be de-tuned). Also found onboard are a nice VCF (filter) with its own ADSR, a typical VCA envelope section, a nice LFO and a pitch/mod wheel that can effect the LFO, VCF or VCA. It even has a noise generator. Nice wood end caps add to its vintage appeal as well.

Roland SYSTEM-1 – 64 presets – RETRO by Alba Ecstasy

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64 presets for Roland System-1 available on:…

Roland System 1M and System 100M together

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This video is mostly about controlling an external LFO via keyboard CV and have it modulate filter, amp and pulse width. The first clip is 100M’s LFO modulating 1M’s filter. 2nd clip showcases the 100M’s VCO through the 1M’s filter. Both of these clips also feature TR-8 rhythms and sequencing from the Arturia MicroBrute. Last clip demonstrates external LFO from 100M modulating the 1M’s amplifier section.

Frequency Modulation by Zeropage

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Jam Session with Doepfer A-100, Roland Aira, Elektron Octatrack, Analog Rytm, Korg Kaoss Pad


New time machine episode – ROLAND ALPHA JUNO Analog Synthesizer 1985

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Synthesizer demo of the analog synthesizer Roland Alpha Juno(1) from 1985.

The Alpha Juno has a similar voice architecture to the earlier Junos – but on the Alpha some things were enhanced: backlit display, variable chorus speed, a more complex envelope, the envelope can be routed to the pitch, additional waveforms for DCO and sub oscillator, the PWM has its own dedicated LFO, key velocity and aftertouch (can be routed to filter or/and volume).

Time machine: Roland SH-09 Analog Synthesizer Demo

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This video demonstrates the sound of the vintage Roland SH-09 monophonic analog synthesizer. Enjoy!

A very stripped down monosynth from Roland’s classic SH-series. Its single oscillator only has PWM, ramp, square and noise waveforms. It has a similar architecture to the SH-101, the VCA can switch between gate or envelope, the VCF is pretty standard, and there is a sample-hold function which is great for voltage controlled filtering into acid and back! Another cool feature is its external input which will allow you to filter external audio through its VCF. Because they are pretty old now they will most likely have some functional problems like sticky keys, and noisy knobs and signal.

ROLAND JD-Xi // playing all 256 factory presets // Bank A

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Playing all presets of Roland JD-Xi — Bank A. No tweaking. Just to give an overview of this machine.The display was tricking my camera so the color grading of the video is a quite dark to recover the least bit of readability — sorry! Bank B will hopefully be better :-)

Time machine: Roland Juno-60 Analog Synthesizer

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Vintage synthesizer demo track featuring the Juno-60
supported by UVI:

all synthesizer sounds: Roland Juno-60 Analog Synthesizer (1982)
drums: LinnDrum (1982)
strings: Logan String Melody II
recording: multi-tracking without midi
fx: reverb and delay

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