Elka Synthex at Musikmesse 2015

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Paul Kevin Wiffen talks about the unique features and sound of the Elka Synthex, explaining why he prefers it to other famous polysynths.


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One more tour of the recently launched AIRA modular

The new effects modules are unique in that they are standalone, table-top and Eurorack compatible effects. The modules include distortion, crusher, delay and scatter.

This line of digital effects Euro modules can be used as audio interfaces and can even be customized via a desktop app.

Realivox Ladies V2 – demo of a new vocal instrument for Kontakt

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We go through the voices and features of Realivox Ladies, our vocal instrument for Kontakt. For more info, please visit us at:

Realitone says that the updated Realivox Ladies is designed to be a vocal sample library, that you can play on your keyboard, that sounds smooth and real. 

Here’s what’s new in version 2.0:

  • This collection of 5 solo singers with full legato now has almost double the articulations, as well as 6 ending consonants.   This makes 25,000 samples, up from 16,000.
  • Singers can now also be combined to form ensembles, all in a single instance.
  • Also featured is a new Poyphopnic Legato mode.

German bodypop band AND ONE has a new video out – ‘The other Side’

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24.04 Oberhausen
25.04 Magdeburg
02.05 Glauchau
03.05 Frankfurt a.M.
08.05 Hamburg
09.05 Leipzig
15.05 Potsdam
16.05 Berlin

►► Tour Tickets bei EVENTIM: www.eventim.de/and-one
►► Tickets noch günstiger bei uns: www.bodypop-shop.de

Besuche uns auch auf…

Homepage & Forum: http://www.andone.de
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ANDONEoffiziell
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ANDONEofficial
Shop: http://www.bodypop-shop.de

Kontakt, Management & Booking: mailto:info@andone.de

Roland JD-Xi B | Sounddemo

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This video demonstrates Menno Beijer Roland JD-Xi B. This little powerhouse Roland is a complete synthesizer, focusing on the modern approach. Create your own music using grooves and make yourself at this challenging instrument.
For more information on this synthesizer, please refer to our website. https: //www.oostendorp-muziek.nl/synt …
This video was produced in-house.
The demonstrator is Menno Beijer.

In deze video demonstreert Menno Beijer de Roland JD-Xi B. Deze kleine krachtpatser van Roland is een complete synthesizer, speciaal gericht op de moderne invalshoek. Creëer je eigen muziek door grooves te gebruiken en zelf te maken op dit uitdagende instrument.
Voor meer informatie over deze synthesizer verwijzen wij u graag naar onze website. https://www.oostendorp-muziek.nl/synt…
Deze video is geproduceerd in eigen beheer.
De demonstrateur is Menno Beijer.

Oostendorp Music is a music store in The Netherlands that sells musical instruments and equipment. It is possible to order throughout Europe from the online store. Please contact verkoop@oostendorp-muziek.nl for more information and shipping costs.

User Modules | Ableton & Traktor controller for iPad

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http://appstore.com/conductr || http://www.conductr.net
http://facebook.com/c0nductr || http://twitter.com/c0nductr


• 2 fully customizable module types: Default and XY-4D pads.

• Each Default User Module can contain up to 8 parameter controllers from any device on any track featured in your Ableton Live set.

• 4 different control interfaces: faders, crossfaders, buttons and quantized scales.

• Default User Modules can be quickly created and edited at any time, even while playing, by browsing and selecting any of your set’s parameters on the iPad or through the LEARN feature.

• RESET feature: create parameter’s values memories and recover them whenever you want.

• GESTURAL MODE: automatic gesture detection to play without looking at the iPad!


SidTracker 64 chiptune synth featuring True Survivor – Kung Fury – 8 bit Remix

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Chiptune Remix by Fredrik Segerfalk on SidTracker 64 for iPad

3 voices of chip bliss, and a slight reverb added. Nothing else.


Graphics by Vanja Utne: http://twitter.com/CheesePirateEq2
Video and extra GFX by Moppe
SidTracker programming by Daniel Larsson
SidTracker 64 for iPad

Want to make some soulful Bleeps?
Wether you just want some creative juice for your productions, or produce entire chiptunes , we have created the perfect chiptune platform for you.The SidTracker 64.

Original song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTidn…
David Hasselhoff – True Survivor – Jörgen Elofsson & Mitch Murder(P) 2015 Universal Music AB. © 2015 Universal Music AB.


LittleBits: Create Musical Water Targets with the Makey Makey Module

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Instructions at: http://littlebits.cc/projects/musical…

Blast away some simple tunes with Musical Water Targets! Use water to close the circuit and jam out on your computer with the Makey Makey keyboard app.

How it Works:

The Makey Makey module is grounded to one of each of the nodes in every target. Each of the three outputs on the Makey makey module is attached to each of the remaining nodes. When water hits the target, it completes the circuit between the two nodes, sending a signal through the Makey Makey module.

Set your Makey Makey up to any of the musical interfaces on Makey Makey’s website, and jam away.

littleBits is the easiest way to learn and invent with electronics. Learn more at littleBits.cc

Make the mundane momentous with Makey Makey and littleBits! With the Makey Makey Bit, you can use everyday objects to trigger your Bits and control cursors on your computer’s keyboard, or even control your computer with Bits. Perfect for newbies and experts doing art, engineering, and everything in-between.

Verbos Electronics Modular Synth Overview at MusikMesse 2015

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Mark Verbos shows us his Eurorack synth modules at MusikMesse 2015. Full article: http://askaudiomag.com/articles/watch…

Musikmesse 2015 Soulsby Atmegatron Synthesizer Odytron Update

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Mr. Soulsby himself shows the new features for the Atmegatron.

The Atmegatron Complete is a revolutionary new synthesizer that takes classic 80s Chiptune sounds and adds powerful new features.
Musicians will love it because it is quick and easy to create and manipulate amazing sounds. The Atmegatron can do everything from bright square wave leads, to dirty basses, to wild sci-fi effects.
Programmers will love it because it is built on the Arduino platform and the software is open source. This allows programmers to change or add new features and upload them to the Atmegatron.


  • 8-bit monophonic MIDI synthesizer
  • Unique Wavetable PWM Synthesis audio engine.
  • Quick and intuitive controls, no complex menu systems
  • Stylish white aluminium case with walnut side panels
  • Many features controllable by MIDI:
    mod & pitch wheels, filters, portamento and more
  • 16 preset sounds that can be overwritten with your own patches


  • Huge selection of waveforms and filters
  • Upload your own waveforms using the included Atmegatron Librarian software
  • LFO and 2 envelopes
  • Powerful synthesis features that takes Chiptune beyond 80s computer sounds
  • Advanced arpeggiator sequencer
  • Unique ‘wave crusher’ effect
  • Analogue bass boost for warm bass sounds

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