Ambika and TRON – Derezzed Cover

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Mutable Instruments Ambika + Genome MIDI Sequencer

This is a cover for TRON: Legacy Derezzed by Daft Punk. Using the iPad as a MIDI sequencer for MI Ambika.

In this video you can see a very nice aspect of the Ambika: it can act as 6 monosynths at the same time, recording each synth voice with a different MIDI channel, which is what I did for this video. As you can see, you’re able to tweak several parameters from different section within the same page (Performance Page).

I’m tweaking the following parameters:
First row – osc1 para / osc2 para / osc2 pitch / bitcrush amount
Second row – filter cutoff / filter resonance / 2 others not used

I hope you enjoy it!

Before anyone asks… this is a 6x SMR4 Ambika.

Moog Little Phatty Stage II and MFB Synth II improvisation

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Improvisation / demonstration using the Little Phatty Stage II and the MFB Synth II – the only two sound sources in this little jam. The LPSII patch – SpringStretch – is part of a complete set for the LPSII currently under production for eventual release for purchase (details will be on the musicinclusive web site hopefully shortly)

There is a little reverb added on the LPSII but nothing else. The MFB Synth II has some phaser, chorus and reverb added, but the sweep is part of the patch programmed on the synth.

(The MFB Synth II is being played via a Fantom X8 keyboard – which you can see supporting it).

Justen WIlliams Produces With Reason 7 Polar

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A look into the creative process of producer Justen Williams using reason 7 & the rack extension Polar. #Jus10joy

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Thanks for watching,

God Bless!


Listen to Imogen Heap performing Run-Time

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Run-Time is available on Imogen’s new album ‘Sparks’.

iTunes Pre-order:

iTunes Deluxe Pre-order:…

Pre-order @ Amazon

CD Album:

Double CD Album (with Instrumentals):

Vinyl LP:

Deluxe Box Set:

Like the ringtone at the beginning of the video? Download it for your phone here:

Run-Time Video
Imogen Heap – video concept and direction
Ben Henretig – filming, NYC, assisted by Ashley Campbell
Roesja (Last name?) – Video Edit
Mike Prior – Grading
Thanks to all the Brooklyn Bridge dance group.
Making of Produced by Robur.TV

Röyksopp & Robyn are back with a new electrofied track “Monument”

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The official music video for Röyksopp & Robyn’s ‘Monument’ directed by Max Vitali off the mini album ‘Do It Again.’

Watch the behind-the-scenes here:…

Watch the “Do It Again” Track-by-track:…

Watch more videos from the mini-album here:

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‘Monument’ is available now on the Röyksopp & Robyn album ‘Do It Again’:

New video with Scarlet Soho – “Two Steps From Heartache”

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Full EP pre-sale available at from 15.08.14
Released 18.09.14
Also available from itunes

30.08.2014 – Barnival Fest – Hampshire (UK)
13.09.2014 – The Brunswick – Gloucester (UK)
18.09.2014 – Living Stone – Brno (CZ)
19.09.2014 – Sepie Music Club – Týniště nad Orlicí (CZ)
20.09.2014 – Club Na Rampě – Mariánské Lázně (CZ)
23.09.2014 – mcFABRIKA Music Club – České Budějovice (CZ)
24.09.2014 – Rock Café – Prague (CZ)
25.09.2014 – Klub B – Třebíč (CZ)
26.09.2014 – Marley Club – Ostrava (CZ)
27.09.2014 – MC Kofola – Krnov (CZ)
11.10.2014 – The Sanctuary – Basingstoke (UK)
08.11.2014 – Kensington Roof Gardens – London (UK)
14.11.2014 – The Brook – Southampton (UK)
13.12.2014 – The Railway – Winchester (UK)

See the band live

Directed by Steve Hogg

Booking Contact –
PR Contact –

Additional thanks to – Steve Hogg, Andy Wilkin and Dan Stotesbury and Uptons Butcher

SID Redux Sound Pack for the Analog Rytm

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Get the SID Redux SoundPack from:

The spirit of the Sidstation lives on – and it has found a comfortable home in the Analog Rytm. We have programmed and sampled our first-born machine and are proud to present the SID Redux Sound pack: a collection of gnarly, home computerish, and totally wonderful percussive sounds. This Sound pack will give your beats a lovely digital edge of the rusty kind.

Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition – Test

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Another quick test of the Moog Sub 37… nine tracks recorded live into Ableton Live.

All sounds including the beat are from the Moog Sub 37 only (with a touch of delay from the Strymon El Capistan on two of the synth parts.) I tried to show a wide variety of sounds, from classic soft leads to crunchy distorted bass, as well as some filter and modulation tweaks.

And this time, instead of recording me actually playing each part (which is a pain in the butt to do) I thought I’d spare you all from having to look at my ugly hairy arms… and show more of the Light Show mode! As always, a good pair of headphones are highly recommended.

Strom for iPad and Analog Rytm – First Look

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Strom – a new iPad application that is designed to augment the Elektron Analog Rytm – using the iPad’s large touchscreen to add new options for editing, performing and more.

Elektronauts discussion:…
Strom is an advanced iPad App, providing unprecedented integration with the most powerful drum machine available, the Elektron Analog Rytm.

Strom makes uploading samples from iPad to Rytm easy.
Its quirky monophonic sampler can can also be used stand-alone.

Furthermore, Strom offers a kick-ass interface to enhance your live performance.
The App is designed to quickly and efficiently bend Rytm’s vast sonic space, and to generate and mutate your beats.

Strom will be available at the App Store very soon.

Radikal Technologies Accelerator sound demos

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Background video information:

Video 1:

I just received the Accelerator last night. A huge thanks to Radikal
Technologies! This thing is amazing!

Note: I haven’t spent much time with it yet, but I wanted to get
SOMETHING up showcasing this synth. I fear my demo will not do it
justice. I think I recorded the levels too quietly and I don’t
particularly care for what I was actually playing, but… I think we
could use a few more demos of this thing!

Video 2:

Warning: There is some clipping (my fault) and some rather loud
high-pitch frequencies. Be careful when listening to this!!!!!!!!

Here is a quick (but I suppose kinda long) demo of the 24db LP filter
in the Accelerator. You can also see the matrix editing which is quite
simple to use. I created a simple/stupid bassline for tweaking. I made
a 32-step sequence and later changed the pattern length and switched it
to trigger randomly. I also routed the sounds through the second filter
at one point, but that should be visible from the screen.

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