DSI Prophet 12 Sound Design How-To: “Chariot Swell” patch

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This is Stereospread’s first video demonstrating sound design concepts on the Prophet 12. Sorry the screen did not turn out clear, but the patch parameters are pasted below for your convenience. We will work on improving the video clarity for the next video. We will be releasing a series of free sound banks for the Prophet 12, Pro 2, and Sub37 in the coming months.



DSI Prophet 12 – “Chariot Swell” patch by Stererospread

Oscillator 1 – sine wave (synced)
Pitch E3
Slop 6

Oscillator 2 – sine wave
Slop 7

Oscillator 3 – oooooh wave
Slop 9

Vol 100
Amt 127

LPF – 70
Resonance 22
Amt 127

HPF – 38
Rez 29
Key 40

Envelope 3 –
Destination – high pass filter cutoff
Amt – neg 98

After touch – lpf Rez 22

Distortion ~23 and drive ~15
Air 64

Feedback amt 23
Fdbk tune 12

Delay 1
Dly time 68
Amt 43

Spread 23
Copy layer a to layer b and stack them

1970’s Polymoog 280A and Dynacord DRS-78 reverb

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Random doodling on a 280a connected to a Dynacord digital reverb system and connected to camera audio input (hence grainy audio quality).
Just going through the presets and controls and playing random stuff to demo the sounds.
Dynacord Reverb is a bit noisy/hissy.
I have created a free library of Dynacord DRS 78 Impulse Responses (in wav format) for use with any convolution reverb that accepts IR’s in wav format. So if you like the sound of the Dynacord reverb unit you can have that sound in your own productions.
To download the free IR’s visit www.synthmagic.co.uk/free.html

Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python… Galaxy Song (Music Video)

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Monty Python – Galaxy Song
Available to buy now from iTunes – http://po.st/Ed0IKJ

Enjoy our latest video for our new single, “Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python… Galaxy Song” which is available as a digital download from 13 April, and on limited edition 7” vinyl on Record Store Day 2015.

The song, which is the title track to “Monty Python – The Meaning of Live”, was originally written for the 1983 film, “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life”. It has been re-recorded with the lyrics sung by Professor Stephen Hawking.

Written by Eric Idle and John Du Prez, the song is an intricate and informative lecture on the enormity of the Universe fashioned into a bewitching and, above all, highly amusing pop song.

“Galaxy Song” was previously included on the 1989 album “Monty Python Sings”, and included in the 2014 reissue of the album, “Monty Python Sings (again)”, in its original form – sung by Eric Idle – to coincide with Monty Python’s record breaking “Monty Python Live (mostly) – One Down Five to Go” run of 10 live shows at The O2, London. On film during the live shows, Professor Brian Cox berated the scientific inaccuracy of the “Galaxy Song » lyrics before Professor Stephen Hawking knocked him to the ground. Hawking then began reciting the “Galaxy Song” lyrics as he lifted off to journey through outer space. It is this unique rendition of “Galaxy Song” which is now available as a single.

Play the Monty Python Asteroids Game in full here: http://galaxysongasteroids.montypytho…

Subscribe to the Official Monty Python Channel here – http://smarturl.it/SubscribeToPython

Visit the NEW Monty Python iTunes store – http://smarturl.it/MontyPython1D5TGitun

Welcome to the official Monty Python YouTube channel. This is the place to find top quality classic Python videos, as well as some special stuff that you’ll only find here such as interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from our live shows. All the Pythons including John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones & Graham Chapman can be found here being incredibly silly.

New videos will be uploaded every Monday!


Kurzweil K2500 Series Training Video – ft Jordan Rudess

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Kurzweil K2500 Series Training Video (Part 4 of 5) – ft Jordan Rudess

Check out our inventory of new, used, and vintage gear!

Moev – Cracked Mirror

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New Wave

CME Xkey 37 Review & Sound Demo #TTNM

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Watch this demo video to find out all about the CME X-key 37 keyboard! You can also win one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqE_R…

Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c…

The CME Xkey 37 is a three-octave USB-MIDI keyboard controller. It’s slim, sturdy and features a detachable breakout cable with additional connectors (pedal inputs and a DIN-MIDI output). It doesn’t need any drivers, so you can connect it directly to your computer or iPad and start playing with it. There are a lot of free instrument apps, available on Apple’s iOS App Store, for example.

Visit the official CME website for more information:

Watch my CME Xkey 25 review here:

Cabaret Voltaire – I Want You & Hells Home Live Sheffield 17.12.85

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Cabaret Voltaire on the Whistle Test 17th December 1985, live from Mona Lisa’s in Sheffield. Not as good quality as the other version on here, but contains the full performance broadcast, including the edited “Hells Home”.

DSI Tetra – ‘Solfeggio’

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Dave Smith Instruments ‘Tetra’, details below:

This is a version of a composition by Arvo Pärt, which I’ve recorded a couple of times over the past few years. I only acquired this synth yesterday, so I thought I’d figure it out a little by making my own patch in ‘program mode’, then recording it in ‘combo mode’ (4 independently sequenced voices) using the ‘quad’ output option, so that I could record the 4 voices separately and give them their own panning positions in Reaper (DAW). Pantheon reverb was also added.
I did an earlier version with a Doepfer Dark Energy multi-tracked 8 times, which I think I still prefer, but it’s really nice being able to do something like this on one instrument and in one take.
Earlier versions here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2bFF… – Dark Energy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu_XU… – First recording

sismo lito – tiny analog synthesizer

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Sismo Lito is the fusion of three of our machines, special design to celebrate our first year anniversary.
A combination of our Qadrox (square wave oscillator), TwinT (sine wave oscillator) and the small Qad4 (square, pulse and lfo) increasing with filter section (connected to square) built in two analogue sequencer (one connected to sine by gate and the other connected to the square triangle by cv).

Polyphony : monophonic
Oscillators : 4 (1x sine – 2x square – 1x triangle
Control : Internal 2x eight step sequencer (1 gate -1 cv)
External 2x cv in, 1x sync in – 3x sync out
Current draw: 12 Volts (center positive)
Weight: 450g
Dimensions: 15cm (H) x 12,5cm (D) x 13cm (W)

– Do not exceed a 15VDC wall wart
– Make sure the wall wart has at least 300 to 1000mA capacity

Roland JD-Xi Preset Sequences Demo

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This demo exhibits only (and all of) the JD-Xi presets. More in-depth demos of this unit are coming soon.


  • Analog synth
  • 2 digital synth sections with SuperNATURAL synth tones and 128-voice total polyphony
  • Gooseneck mic for access to Vocoder, AutoPitch, and other vocal effects
  • 4-track pattern sequencer for building loops
  • Pro Drum kits for high-impact beats
  • 4 simultaneous effects for sound-shaping
  • USB for audio/MIDI communication with computer music software
  • Includes a large selection of ready-to-play sounds and patterns
  • Roland’s Axial site lets you download additional sounds

The Roland JD-Xi is priced at US $499. See the Roland site for more info.

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