Teaser for the CREATE MUSIC MOBILE event in UK

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On December 7th – more info here >>

CDR Knowledge sessions are a series of experiential learning events that highlight developments in music production, tools and technique.

This session explores the mobile music creation and production space and the people that are moving it forward.

Session Features

HANDS ON AREA: Your chance to check out iOS devices loaded with some of the stand-out apps yourself guided by our team of experienced producers and specialists

DEVELOPER INSIGHTS: From initial inspiration to final build – Interview and Q+A sessions with the people behind the mobile apps

APP WALK-THROUGHS: In depth app demonstrations explained from a ‘build a track on the spot – Ask loads of questions’ perspective

PRODUCER SHOWCASE: Production presentations by artists and producers flexing mobile production muscle

MADE WITH MOBILE PLAYLIST: A DJ set featuring tracks produced using mobile apps. Submit yours to our SoundCloud Dropbox for consideration. Highlights to be featured on our Made with Mobile mixtape!

Producer Sessions this weekend

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On Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of September 2010 London’s SAE will play host to Producer Sessions Live, a gathering of some of the biggest names in dance and pop music production including Freemasons, Dave Spoon, Jon Carter & Alex Blanco, Danny Byrd, and the latest addition, Hospital Records’ legend Nu:Tone.

Tickets are no longer on sale for the event online, but you can still buy tickets on the door. Some seminars still have tickets available which you can buy on the day. These include Steve Mac (10:30-11:15) and Jon Carter & Alex Blanco (13:30-14:15) on the Saturday, and James Hockley (10:30-11:15), Dave Spoon (12:00-12:45) and Sharooz (16:30-17:15) on the Sunday. More details are available from here. See you there!

Das Boot 2010 – review

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Unfortunately I did not have the chance to attend this year´s Das Boot festival, but Moving Hands Magazine has made a good review of the event:

Leæther Strip




Das Boot 2010

2010th edition of the festival held on a cruise ship sailing from Stockholm

So Das Boot missed the year of 2009, but only a few months later than the 2009 Das Boot was supposed to be, the 2010 Das Boot cruise was held and this time over a weekend so most people didn’t have to take any time off from job or school.
The newer and bigger boat makes the whole cruise seem a bit smaller with all the spaces and different dancefloors and stages but all in all I think it’s a big improvement from the retired MS Festival who now sails between Stockholm and Riga. The food/wine/beer buffet is bigger and better. The Tax Free is bigger and better. There are more bars. The main stage area is also really nice with a big floor for the people who wants to shake their bottoms and a lot of sofas for the lazy crowd, the sound was also really good and loud at this stage which is a quite important improvement.

The evening started up with the legendary danish Leæther Strip which is Mr Claus Larsen’s one man project and has been for 21 years. It was fun to finally experience Leæther Strip but the main stage felt too big for him as he is just one guy with a synth/laptop and I think it would have worked much better on the smaller stage. He did his job though and delivered.

Now to the smaller stage and Dupont who had to begin their show before even Leæther Strip had ended his show in the other end of the boat which made the crowd quite tiny before everyone finally made their way from the Starlight Bar (main stage) to Moonlight Bar (the smaller stage). Dupont did a very cozy gig and as most people where friends it was a very relaxed and fun gig. Mr Johan Damm who is an old member of Dupont joined up on stage and became a part of the classic song “Behave”.

Then it was time for Covenant to do their thing on the main stage and they did it as always. Nice gig and a very large crowd made it a nice memory for sure. Covenant have played on Das Boot before and last time they did it was on the old boat and on a much smaller stage so it was great seeing them on a stage that fitted them.

No rest for the wicked, so it was heading back to the smaller of stages and witness Swedish Project-X make havoc and scream themselves to a frenzy. First time I have seen this act and I was impressed. A good finish to this night, at least for me as the music continued all the night through to the next day in the Zenith Disco where I myself never leave for some reason. You must understand, the these cruise ships are very confusing with all the bars and restaurants and shops and what not. Just finding your cabin can be a pain in the ass.

The last day of the cruise there where just one live act and that was the Swedish mad guys of Slagsmålsklubben (Fight Club) who plays a very frenetic kind of old computer games inspired electronic music. The guys had partied all night and where still partying on stage but did a good job nevertheless and gave us quite a few funny little anecdotes between the songs.

It is a very different experience to go on a Das Boot-cruise. It’s like being on a festival except for the dirt and that you have your own cozy cabin to retire to. As always Das Boot was a success in my book, now just let us hope it was a success for the guys behind it too and that we soon can go and get crazy on another cruise.

Das Boot 2008, will you be there?

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Das Boot (SWE) going 100% electronic
Bands announced so far are: VNV Nation Blutengel Infected Mushroom Elis Records (SWE) DJ-showcase


Don´t miss out on the video >>

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