Turn your ordinary mobile phone into a LoFi loop sequencer

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This is a demonstration of the GetLoFi MIDI Loop sequencer on a Nokia cell phone. The program is a Java application that theoretically should work on a wide range of older cell phones including a Blackberry device. Anything that supports J2ME.

More information soon at www.getlofi.com
The App can be downloaded from http://www.getlofi.com/getlofi.jar

The Controls are pretty simple.

Number keys 1-8 randomly choose a pattern from 99 preset MIDI phrases for that spot on the sequence. 9 Key randomly selects phrases for all spots.

0 Key clears all patterns out and sents the Self Play Mode, and ( *, # ) adjust the length of the pattern sequence.

There is no tempo control, except for what is in the MIDI phrase files themselves.

Here´s what you need:

The ingredients:

  • Software running on the Java virtual machine (good, old-fashioned J2ME)
  • A hack for proper input and output (from the various headset connectors)
  • Sequenced MIDI files

The result: otherwise silent, ordinary cellphones become living musical creatures. Install files, plus information on how to make the circuit for I/O, went up on GetLoFi early in October, but thanks to Michael Una for pointing this my way over dinner recently.

Everything you need:
MIDI Loop Sequencer aka Cell Phone Noisemaker

New in Promote your music here – PaulDavidKearvell

September 2, 2008 · Posted in Electronic Music · 1 Comment 


Listen here >> ons-and-offs
Web site/MySpace : http://www.pauldavidkearvell.com/mymusic.htm
Contact info: paul.kearvell@gmail.com
Music production tool/s: Ableton live and Reason

PaulDavidKearvell makes instrumental lo-fi electro lounge music. And I believe it is important to judge it based on this because (and don´t take this wrong way) it is a montone music experience.

I believe Paul does his job quite well and the mastering feels pretty OK, however I do get a bit disturbed by the all too monotone drums that does not change one bit across the entire song and that starts to irritate me when I have passed 50% of the song and all the delicate effects put in cannot cover that.

I would probably also experiement with more interesting pads that would perhaps enrich the overall impressions or alternatively some delicate samples that just would flavor the background somewhat.

However, all in all I like how Paul has skillfully chosen sounds that fit together nicely and from a production perspective their is not much to complain about.

Just a quick note there are lots of nice songs on Paul’s homepage that are of good quality, so make sure to listen to him there as well before taking this one tune as the truth of all his music production

Looking forward to your next track


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