Using Multi Cues & Loops – Tutorial

November 2, 2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

Here’s a brand new tutorial from MixrDJ – Learn how to master the multi cues to quickly produce loops, cuts and remixes with muscle memory exercises and technique. Mixr features 4 hot cues that allow you to instantly go back to a specific point in time. You can tap on multi cue/loop button to activate the panel. To set a cue, simply tap on the “set” button, or the “in” buttons in the multi cue panel to set your markers. Each marker is color coded to help differentiate the multi cues.

You can set up to 3 manual loops by setting “out” points and enabling the “loop” function. You can clear out the in and out points by tapping on the “in” and “out” buttons. Each multi cue is saved and can be used when you reload your tracks. Each deck can save a different set of multi cues per song allowing you to customize your cue sets. Alright, and thats how to use multi cues and loops. Remember, each deck can save a new set of multi cues per song. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter, Facebook and subscribe on youtube, we’ll see you guys in the next video.

Mixr delivers a rich feature set designed for mobile DJ’s. You can pitch, tap to tempo, scratch, multi-cue and mix with precision. You can manage your iPod library with the revolutionary Crate Manager. Make crates with the touch of your finger in the drag-n-drop interface, you have complete control over your mixes. Featuring high quality DSP effects, you can add Delay and Reverb to your mixes to add that extra punch to your sets. Supporting mono split audio output, you can monitor pre-cueing with your headphones for live performances. Record your mixes and play them back in a sleek player. Recording a mix automatically creates playlists! Turn your iPad into the best mobile DJ Turntable Studio, with Mixr.


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