Clouds – Mutable Instruments – first impression

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This video is made 5 minutes later after unboxing the Clouds from Mutable Instruments. I’m still confused on how it works (must read user manual!) but still, you don’t have to know much to appreciate what can came out of it! Brilliant!

Radio Music in the Clouds (Mutable Instruments)

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First experiment with the Mutable Instruments Clouds.

The Music Thing Radio Music is patched into the Clouds module via a CGS/Serge 1973 VCF. The Radio Music is patched almost exactly like my previous video, but I am also modulating the Station input. The output of the Clouds is set to 100% wet and I am modulating the Reverb amount via the Ian Fritz Chaos module.

The bass drops are an Electric Druid VCDO. The FM type sound is two Yusynth VCO’s inter-modulating each other and feed into a MFOS EchoRockit.

Mutable Instruments CLOUDS // The Drone

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First touch with CLOUDS. Stunning what comes out of a simple analog synth phrase from MiniBrute frozen in CLOUDS… Some modulations + filter…

Ambika and TRON – Derezzed Cover

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Mutable Instruments Ambika + Genome MIDI Sequencer

This is a cover for TRON: Legacy Derezzed by Daft Punk. Using the iPad as a MIDI sequencer for MI Ambika.

In this video you can see a very nice aspect of the Ambika: it can act as 6 monosynths at the same time, recording each synth voice with a different MIDI channel, which is what I did for this video. As you can see, you’re able to tweak several parameters from different section within the same page (Performance Page).

I’m tweaking the following parameters:
First row – osc1 para / osc2 para / osc2 pitch / bitcrush amount
Second row – filter cutoff / filter resonance / 2 others not used

I hope you enjoy it!

Before anyone asks… this is a 6x SMR4 Ambika.

Mutable Instruments Yarns Arpeggiator

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Here is a brief exploration of the Mutable Instruments Yarns as an arpeggiator in (monophonic) “1M” mode. The Yarns MIDI to CV is connected to the Cwejman D-LFO which is being run through the Cwejman QMMF-4 and SPH-2. The GATE output of Yarns is connected to the ‘TRIG’ in of the Tides module. The Yarns modulation CV is connected to the Tides FM input so that pressing keys down produces legato notes while decreasing pressure on a key allows for staccato notes. The beginning of the video demonstrates how holding the ‘START/STOP’ button while playing a MIDI sequence latches on the arpeggiator, which means staccato notes freely run as hands remain off of the keyboard, and legato notes run while pressure is applied to a key. From here we experiment with various arpeggiation ranges, directions and patterns.

Braids – Heavy Modulation Wavetable Overview

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This overview is an exploration into the versatility of the Braids’ wavetable synthesis using heavy modulation. The Timbre, Color, FM, Trigger inputs are being fed intense modulation. If you want to hear specific waveforms, they are all timestamped on Youtube in About/Show More. All the waveforms are timestamped on the YouTube page. The basic waveforms can be heard below in Equinoxoz Music Solutions’ video. This overview does not cover the universal paramaters like Bits, Rate, Trig, META, etc… You can find additional information in the Braids Manual.

More information:

/\/|-_-_ 0:21
/|/|-_-_ 0:45
SYNC 1:01
FOLD 1:15
_|_|_|_|_ 1:35
RING 1:54
/|/|/|/| 2:16
/|/|_|_|_ 2:36
TOY* 3:05
ZLPF 3:20, ZPKF 3:42, ZHPF 4:01
VOSM 4:11
VOWL, 4:29 VFOF 4:57
FM 5:15, FBFM 5:37, WTFM 5:50
BELL 6:09
PLUK 6:19
BOWD 6:40
BLOW 7:09, FLUTE 7:29
WTBL 7:49
WMAP 8:02
NOIS 8:18
TWNQ 8:32
CLKN 8:41
CLOU 8:51, PRTC 8:59
QPSK 9:18

Rhythmic patch

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Mutable Instruments treats us with this little rhythmic patch on a modular system


Anushri build final – glamour video

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“My final results from my Mutable Instruments Anushri build. Sound is all Anushri with a generous helping of reverb. Great kit, well engineered, fine for newbies like me. Get yours today, way fun.”

Anushri is a monosynth like no other. In addition to its analog VCO/VCF/VCA and digital modulation sources, it includes a fun and immediate note sequencer with step-by-step recording, and a gritty 8-bit drum machine with a truly original control interface.

Just like its elder sister the Shruthi, Anushri is not designed for industrial assembly but is instead sold as a kit – you can assemble it, modify it, expand it and service it without any specialized expensive equipment. Open source firmware and schematics give you full access, control and ownership of its circuitry and code.

More info here >>

Anushri – analog kit synthesizer from Mutable Instruments comming soon

November 1, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off on Anushri – analog kit synthesizer from Mutable Instruments comming soon 

Analog monosynth with sequencer and lo-fi drum machine

Analog synthesizer with primary VCO and secondary digital square oscillator

Saw-core VCO with temperature compensation and accurate tracking over 5 octaves.
Optional software-controlled tuning to increase stability and accuracy.
Sawtooth and square waveforms, with adjustable pulse-width and pulse-width modulation.
Waveform mixer.
-1 or -2 octaves sub-oscillator.
Secondary digital square oscillator (2.5 MHz programmable interval timer) available as a linear FM source, a VCO sync signal, or an additional audio source sent to the mixer along with the VCO.
Mixer with external audio input.
12dB/octave multimode filter (LP/BP/HP), with sine-wave self-oscillation.
Post-filter overdrive/fuzz circuit.
Linear VCA.

Digitally controlled modulation sources

1 main ADSR routable to pitch, pulse-width, cutoff frequency. Segment time: 1ms to 12s.
1 simple 1-parameter envelope (morphing through various stages, including the shape of the main ADSR, and a rigid “GATE” style envelope) routed to VCA.
Velocity routed to either cutoff frequency of VCA gain (adjustable level).
1 LFO routable to pitch, pulse-width and cutoff frequency ; with 8 waveforms (triangle, square, ascending and descending ramps, S&H, bernouilli process, piecewise linear random process, noise). Frequency: 0.06 Hz to 100 Hz. Syncable to arpeggiator/sequencer clock.
1 triangle LFO for vibrato and/or growl controlled by the modulation wheel.
CV Resolution: 16-bit internal, 12-bit external, 2.45kHz refresh rate.

Arpeggiator and sequencer

Arpeggiator with 4 modes (up, down, up&down, random) ; 1 to 2 octaves ; 6 patterns and “acidity” setting adding accents/slides. Latch/hold mode.
SH-101-style note sequencer with step by step recording, up to 128 notes. Along with notes, rests, ties, glides and accents can be recorded.
Tempo set by internal clock (40-240 BPM) with shuffle, external MIDI clock or external 6/12/24 ppqn trigger.
Keyboard transposition of sequence during playback.

Drum machine

Algorithmic drum pattern generator using an innovative “pattern sculpting” approach. Drum patterns are “sculpted” with 5 knobs.
Drum sounds can be freely triggered from an external sequencer using MIDI channel 10.
x0x-style programming from a MIDI keyboard to override the algorithmic pattern generator.
Digital sound synthesis of analog-style BD / SD / HH sounds with tone control.
Audio resolution: 10 MHz, 1-bit (equivalent to 8-bit, 39kHz).

Teaser from Mutable Instruments: 2×14 segments display test

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An upcoming Mutable Instruments product will use an array of these for its display. Love the vintage look! Just finished drawing all the characters today (some of the few special characters should give you hints…).

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